Glitter for New Year’s Party!



Hi Everybody,

We are near the end of 2015 so if you are going to a New Year’s party you must have a bit of glitter and sparkle to celebrate the festive season and the New Year.

I did two types of nail design, both quick and easy to do which you can do with any colour you have..

First design I decided to use a red nail polish. (I decided to use Body Shop’s ‘Relish the Moment’) I put on a base coat and then applied 2 coats of the nail polish and waited for it to dry.  I then put on Nails Inc ‘Cliveden Place’silver glitter. I applied on half of your nail and built up a thick coating of glitter on them. I then applied a top coat.



My second design, I used base coat and applied ‘Relish the Moment’ again and let them dry. Then I drew a line and painted half nail with Nails Inc ‘Grosvenor Crescent’ which is a deep aubergine colour ( you can choose any dark shade of nail polish you have). When it dried I used Cliveden Place glitter again and drew between the two shades of colour. I applied a nice thick coat of glitter to give a nice look to it. If you don’t have any glitter nail polish, you can use a clear top coat and confetti glitter to give the same effect.



I hope you love the nail designs and I hope you have fun using glitter nail polishes.

Have a sparkly and glittery New Year!



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