Mitomos Japanese Facial Sheet Masks.



Hi Everybody,

When I was in Latvia in October, I always go to Douglas shops to have a look if they have anything new we don’t have here in the UK. My eyes were drawn to the pretty Japanese print packaging of these facial masks. The interest in disposable facial mask sheets started in Asia but now they are getting popular in the UK. Now all the different brands are making their own type of sheet masks.

My mother, husband and myself have tested them out of curiosity to see if they work and improve your skin. They are easy to use if you follow the simple instructions. Before you apply you must have make up free,clean, dry face. You remove the mask from the packaging and unfold it and apply it to your face. You check to see if it is evenly applied onto your face and press it against the skin and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. It does at first feel cold against your skin but that is normal.



After the 20-30 minutes remove it from your face and you don’t wash it off and gently rub any excess into your skin. All of us felt that our skin feel tighter and looked brighter from using it. We all thought our skin felt hydrated and softer from the mask. It was fun, quick and easy to use.  One downside is that you do look like Jim Carrey in’The Mask’ when wearing it! I was laughing at myself when I wanted to take a picture of me wearing it.




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