Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial L’eau EDT.



Hi Everybody,

The commercially successful experiment of Shalimar Parfum Initial in 2011 was the first start to broaden the appeal of the iconic Shalimar to a wider audience. In 2012 they launched Shalimar Initial L’Eau as a lighter version to Initial.

This version has the iconic Shalimar bottle with the cute little tassel with the ring emblem. It is a beautiful bottle, so distinctive and utter classy. It really looks luxurious on your dressing table.

The scent from the beginning is quite powdery. Some say citrus, I feel floral tones. Lilly of the Valley, Freesia, Iris and hyacinth. The hint of Vanilla and Tonka Bean is also there. The grapefruit gives you  bitterness but not distracting at all. It has a delicate luminous feel to it.  This is a not a warm fragrance but cool and fresh and is a perfect summer fragrance, but of course you can wear it at any time!

Even though it is EDT, the longevity is like a EDP, I can still smell it hours after putting it on in the morning. That is real quality.

This is a youthful fragrance in my view but keeps some of the original aspects of the Shalimar EDP and Shalimar Initial EDP. I love this fragrance, it is completely different to anything else I wear. I finish with a quote from the man himself.

‘A Successful perfume is one whose fragrance corresponds to an initial dream’ Jacques Guerlain



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