Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm.


Hi Everybody,

I do like browsing on the net after Christmas at the sales as you can pick up some serious bargains for beauty and perfume. While looking at the Fortnum & Mason site I came across some lovely items in their sale. Unfortunately I would love to have purchased everything but I couldn’t so I decided to buy one item.

Oskia is an British brand and was formed by Georgia Cleeve  who discovered the benefits of using MSM. MSM is a natural forming sulphur and the benefits of MSM include boosting collagen production, promoting circulation and help to decrease inflammation.

The Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm  is a luxury item for your skin and my first time in using their products. It comes in a large box for a 50ml pot. The ingredients include MSM, sillica and other natural ingredients. It is a rich, thick balm and comes with a little spoon which I use to measure out and I do find that it is enough to exfoliate your face. When applying onto your wet skin it becomes soft and balmy with a milky texture but you feel the granules on your skin. It is so gentle and leaves your skin so smooth and soft. You really feel the difference immediately and I haven’t been so impressed with a skin treatment for so long. The smell is quite pleasant.

Although expensive, you know that the ingredients are natural and I would love to try the cleansing gel in the future.

This was a fantastic bargain purchase from F&M for £23.00 and it is well worth the normal asking price of £46.00. You and your skin will not regret it.





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