Lancome Juicy Shaker!

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Hi Everybody,

When I visited the Glamour Magazine Beauty Festival I knew that Lancome would be there. It was the opportunity to try the new Juicy Shaker from Lancome. This was the idea of Lisa Eldridge, the Global Creative Makeup Director for Lancome. This lip gloss is created by using lip oils together with pigments to create natural lip gloss look. The ingredients include nourishing oils such as sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil. So it not only gives you a great glossy lip look but also is good for your lips.

The packaging is beautiful, just like a mini cocktail shaker.  The more you shake the bottle, the more colour that appears on your lips. It is a fun idea and I choose Mangoes Wild, which is a pinkish red colour but you have a total of thirteen to choose from.  When I did my cover shoot, Lancome make up girl used this shade to touch my lips and I thought it looked great on me! It gives you a beautiful look to your lips and the nourishing oils moisturizers your lips.

At the festival, you had artists who would personalize your Juicy Shaker with your initial and choose an extra design. I picked the blue lips which I think looks great. It looks even better with this one-off design, looks even cuter.




Sainsburys ‘Simple Living is Good Living’ Candle.


Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a relaxing Easter and stuffed with all those chocolate eggs!

When I was wandering around our local Sainsburys picking up the last bits of our weekly shop, my eyes were drawn to a little cream/off white terracotta pot with a wooden lid with a little hang tag on top of  it.  I liked the saying on the front of it, ‘simple living is good living’ . Beautiful words.  I lifted the lid and was taken aback by the scent. It was a wonderful, light spring scent of garden mint.

I came home and immediately started to burn it and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the whole room now had a lovely, spring scent in it and quite subtle too.  The pot is extremely useful as I can’t imagine it being used as a holder for my make-up brushes, plant something in it or maybe I will create my own candle!

It wasn’t very expensive and I cannot remember how much it exactly cost but it was under £5 pounds! I went back the next week and there wasn’t any left. Was it a limited production? I hope not!


Mini Haul From Professional Beauty 2016!




Hi Everybody,

Every February I always go to the Professional Beauty show at the London Excel. I prefer this to the London Olympia show, it seems to me this show has the better exhibitors!

I picked up a few items this year. I really wanted to try the Shellac Gel polishes but although they were there at the show, you couldn’t buy anything on the day but you had to order online. The girl was extremely helpful in explaining the ordering policy(you have to be a professional therapist as you need to show them your qualifications) and how to use the product. Well done to the company for training their staff brilliantly, just like Dermalogica! They gave me leaflets and mini samples (CND RescueRxx Daily Keratin treatement & Moroccan Tan and Vinylux Weekly Colour Coat and Weekly Top Coat in ‘Lush Tropics’) to try as I have never tried them before.

Next I went to Mavala. I always buy something from Mavala. This time I picked up their Revitalizing Emulsion for Tired Legs. I didn’t know they did this kind of range and I look forward to trying this. I picked up only one nail polish, number 292 ‘St Germain’, a beautiful burgundy-plum colour. They did a nice set at a special price, the set includes 5 products. A nail polish remover, a thinner for nail polish, oil seal driver, protective base coat and top coat gel polish. All products are full-size, apart from the nail polish remover which is a mini size. I have tried the base and top coat but not the others. I am always impressed by the quality of Mavala for their nail products. I did also purchase a lipstick from the stand. I could have bought the whole lot but I only chose one in the colour ‘Cherry Pink’. I have been impressed so far by the texture and the long-staying power of it. Nice smell as well.

I couldn’t remember the stand but I did buy Dadi Oil nail treatment oil. I did read in the Professional Beauty magazine about this and wanted to try it. It is an oil for your nails which you massage into them.

Elemis had a double decker bus  where they had fitted out a spa in it! 2016 is their 25th anniversary so they offered out special deals to mark this occasion. I have only tried body butter and shower gel so I bought five minis from their skincare range. I picked Smoothing Apricot Toner, Smoothing Chamomile Cleanser, White Flower Eye & Lip Make up Remover, Hydra-Nourish Night Cream and Jasmine and Rose Hand and Nail Cream. All for £25 and in a nice little pouch.

It really is a great show with so many different brands and products but unfortunately I only have one face and a thin wallet to try everything but I will try! 🙂



Andrea Garland ‘Vogue 100’ Lip Balm.




Hi Everyone,

As you know I went to the Vogue 100 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  After viewing the wonderful show, I couldn’t resist not looking at the shop which was full of lovely items! Lulu Guinness bags and hand made silk scarves (with vogue covers as the design), to postcards and jigsaw puzzles and even original vintage Vogue magazines!

The shop had a small display of make-up. I had seen on Andrea Garland’s Instagram account that they had collaborated with the NPG to do a limited edition Lip balm using a vintage Vogue cover from 1926 called Vogue Constellation designed by Eduardo Benito as the image for the compact. I wanted it so much when I saw it! I had always wanted to try a lip balm and I always loved the vintage designs of her compacts and the fact they had this beautiful Vogue cover compact was even better.

The lip balm has organic shea butter, beeswax and sweet almond oil as the main ingredients. The scent is a lovely honey/almond. The compact has a lovely mirror, so it is perfect for your handbag. The lip balm is so smooth, not drying at all and makes your lips look like it has no lipstick. It gives you a natural, juicy look to your lips so it looks like you wake up with raspberry lips. It looks so beautiful and is perfect for no make up days but still want to still look glamorous!

The amount of balm inside the compact is very generous and it will last a long time. The great thing is that when you use it up, for the price of £2.50 you can get it refilled! Sounds great to me!

Please check out her website if you like cute, vintage feel make-up.


Glamour Beauty Festival!









Hi Everybody,

Last week I visited the first Glamour Magazine Beauty Festival held at the Saatchi Gallery, London. I have bought Russian Glamour magazine since I was 17/18 when I was getting into all things beauty. When I came to the UK, I have always bought the UK version.  This festival followed other magazines who have launched their own festivals. I visited Vogue and Stylist festivals, so it was interesting to compare Glamour’s show to them.

The Saatchi Galley is located in Chelsea so it is very convenient in being located in a very nice part of London!  We got there 15 minutes early but you couldn’t go inside, unlike the Vogue or Stylist festivals. So we walked around Chelsea for a little bit and came back. The show should have opened its doors but there was a large queue of people waiting. It was like this for 20 minutes. Not good when the first talk was due to begin at 10-15! Advice for organizers, for future event let everyone in to have a look around and organize yourself better so there is no rush for people!

The gallery is large and is a perfect space for art but I did think that unless filled it did feel empty and lacking atmosphere in some areas. The rooms were divided into hair, make-up on the ground floor. Skincare and the fragrance lounge on the first floor and the cover shoot and nails on the second floor.The cover shoot was on the top floor and I was lucky to walk in and get my cover shoot done very quickly. Lancome were there as well and provided the make up for the cover shoot. Great value for £8 for digital and print. I did pick up the new Juicy Shaker, which I will review soon!

I did think that, with only a small number of fragrances that they could have merged it with the make-up zone as it seemed quite empty. If you wanted a bar you really needed more than just a few fragrances there and it seemed a waste of space.  After all you had Lancome and Elizabeth Arden there but none of their fragrances were on display. Strange.

When we booked tickets, you had to choose only one talk to go to.  This was a very tough decision as I really wanted to go to the Jo Malone/Liz Earle/Thea Green as well but we went for the Mary Greenwell/Fearne Cotton talk which was brillant and very inspiring. Mary Greenwell has always been somebody I wanted to meet as she is so lovely and talented. Fearne Cotton was also wonderful, down-to-earth and very gorgeous!

I would loved to have gone for the second day as well. You had the likes of Liz Eldridge, Rita Ora and David Gandy there. I could easily have gone to every talk for the two days such was the quality of the speakers at the show.

I opted for the beauty goodie bag and it was truly excellent as you had a bit of everything. Skincare, makeup, nail and hair products.

Overall, it was an enjoyable time, with a bit of everything for everybody. I hope it was successful enough to see it come back next year.




Glamour Spring Edit Beauty Box.



Hi Everybody,

I only discovered these boxes last year from ‘Latest in Beauty’. You can preview what is in the box, so you know exactly what you are getting.  Other boxes you don’t really know what may be in them and you have to subscribe but with ‘Latest in Beauty’ you don’t have to subscribe. This is a real good feature of their boxes, so you can pick and choose them if some things interest you.

This box comes in a very pretty, bright design slip. I wish this design was on the box itself rather than the plain black box it came in. It is beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and you open it to find introduction leaflets by Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director for Glamour Magazine.

The box contains seven products, all I have never tried before. A sample of Bare Minerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in’Bare Natural 07′, Rosie for Autograph Nuit Parfum EDP, (nice that they included a perfume as well! ) Moroccanoil Treatment Light, Illamasqua Precision Ink Eyeliner, Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, Malin+Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, MUA Luxe 10 Shade Palette in Utopia and a £10 gift card from Murad.  All this for £17.99!

I really think this is the best value beauty box on the market, you get a little of everything which is perfect in my view. If you really like the products you know you can buy with confidence the full-size versions. This is why these beauty boxes are so popular nowadays.



Vogue 100 Exhibition.




Hi Everybody,

It was a busy weekend as we visited the Vogue exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.  As soon as I heard about the exhibition I had to go as I do love magazines from my school times. I loved buying the back issue magazines, reading and looking at the photography.

The exhibition celebrates the magazine, the influence of it and of course the amazing photographers who have contributed to it. It was great to see the differences of the models used, the changing make-up trends and the style of photography. They had put together an issue from each year from the first to the latest issue. You even had original drawings from the 1920s at the show. You even had a slide show with the images by Bruce Weber and Helmut Newton been displayed. You had war images from Lee Miller which showed that Vogue isn’t just interested in beauty and fashion but the world around us.

If you have the chance to go and visit the exhibition, do as it is a wonderful view of the world from Vogue and how it has evolved over 100 years.



February Favourites!



Hi Everybody,

March already and spring is here! Here are some of my favourite things I used in February (and still using!)


L’Oreal False Lash Sculpt is a new mascara on the market, I wanted to try something new so I bought a little special price set in Boots and it had the mascara as part of it. It has a weird looking wand in my opinion, only the top part of the brush has bristles. It looks like a dragon’s head from the side! It grips your lashes and gives good thick lashes and curls them nicely. It doesn’t smudge and doesn’t leave you with panda eyes. Very important in my view.

Rimmel Long-Lasting by Kate ‘Rossetto’ 08 is my second lipstick from Rimmel. I love the smell of Rimmel lipsticks and this one does smell very nice. It is a lovely pinkish-brown shade and it  doesn’t dry put your lips and feels good on your lips. Do not apply if you have dry lips as it will show your dryness and it will look unattractive. A very good budget lipstick.


Nivea Sensitive Caring Micellar Water is yet another micellar water on the market. I have tried a few different ones on the market (I did a post on micellar waters) and this works quite nicely. It didn’t sting my eyes or leave me with watery eyes. It was very good when I used it to remove my make-up, much better than Simple’s Micellar Water. A good budget example.

Caudalie Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil is a sample I picked up in a set in the Christmas sale from Caudalie’s website. It feels quite thick not like some which are quite runny and slippery when you massage into your skin.  I use a muslin cloth to remove make up before I do a second cleanse. It does the job nicely, smells good as you would expect from Caudalie. A lovely product and I always like to buy these mini-sets as you can try before buying a full-size version.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet is from the same set as the cleansing oil I bought. It looks like sour cream when you squeeze the tube as the texture is quite different from other products. But it is very light and absorbs very quickly and very moisturizing.  One thing I didn’t like is that my foundation didn’t seem to hold onto my face and felt I had crumbles on my face! Very strange feeling and I don’t know why it happened.

Skin Doctors Ingrown Go is a in-hair exfoliating solution product. As us girls and ( some boys!) wax, shave and epilate where hairs grow, sometimes we need something to save us from ingrowing hairs. This is applied on to legs several weeks before you want to shave, wax or epilate. It is an exfoliating liquid that sloughs away dead skin allowing the ingrowing hair to simply pop out where it can be easily removed. It really improved my legs and now I have far less ingrowing hairs. (make sure you read instructions and do a patch test before using it as it does contain salicylic acid and glycerin acid as these ingredients allow you to do a good exfoliation but it cannot be used for the face so only use it for bikini line, underarms and legs) 

Sarah Chapman Skinesis 1 Intense Hydrating Booster is my third sample from this skincare range. Like before I am seriously impressed by this brand and their products. It is a lightweight serum for stressed, dry skin. It is a fantastic product which is good to use on its own day or night or mixed with your chosen skincare. I love to use it on its own as I want to see how it works on my skin because I do get occasional breakouts on my face.  It did really help with the breakouts and left my skin feeling plumped and hydrated.

Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturizer is something I apply around my nails before I go to bed. I applied this on my husband’s nails too and we both saw a difference to the nails. It really helped the nails and the smell is quite pleasant. It has a pipette to apply easily on to the nails. It can also apply to your feet, elbows or knees if you have dryness there.  A mini-spa for your nails before you go to bed!



Aerin Lauder Gardenia Rattan EDP.


Hi Everybody,

Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of the great Estee Lauder, launched her own lifestyle brand in 2011. Her line of 5 perfumes included Amber Musk, Lilac Path, Ikat Jasmine, and Evening Rose and Gardenia Rattan launched in November 2013. Aerin Lauder wanted to provide a scent for each mood and time of year.

I found this bottle in an antique shop in the Old Town of Hastings, amongst other beauty products a dealer was selling. It was unused and was £24.00, so I just had to buy it for that price!

The rectangle shaped bottle is a nicely designed, heavy glass. The cap has a fake stone-effect cap which looks good and different to other makers.

The scent is perfect for summer as it smells of a fresh summer’s day. Light and white floral with a touch of sweetness and even coconut according to my husband. It has a coolness to it, and is reminiscent of days in the sunshine and walking along the sea on a warm evening.

I like this, longevity is good and perfect for everyday wear. It can be worn by any age of woman.



On My Nails – OPI ‘Princess Rule’.

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Hi Everybody,

Pink nail colour, be it dark or light, never goes out of fashion. I have been trying, a new to me, OPI colour. I have been using Princess Rule which is a light pink with small sparkles in it. It looks nice on the nail that gives you a nice, tidy look.

I used CND base coat first and then applied two coats of the nail colour. You do need to give your nails two coats to get some colour as one coat would be too sheer. I then applied CND top coat and I have found that the nails lasted a long time and didn’t chip.

Hope you like the nail colour, it really is a perfect princess colour!