Aerin Lauder Gardenia Rattan EDP.


Hi Everybody,

Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of the great Estee Lauder, launched her own lifestyle brand in 2011. Her line of 5 perfumes included Amber Musk, Lilac Path, Ikat Jasmine, and Evening Rose and Gardenia Rattan launched in November 2013. Aerin Lauder wanted to provide a scent for each mood and time of year.

I found this bottle in an antique shop in the Old Town of Hastings, amongst other beauty products a dealer was selling. It was unused and was £24.00, so I just had to buy it for that price!

The rectangle shaped bottle is a nicely designed, heavy glass. The cap has a fake stone-effect cap which looks good and different to other makers.

The scent is perfect for summer as it smells of a fresh summer’s day. Light and white floral with a touch of sweetness and even coconut according to my husband. It has a coolness to it, and is reminiscent of days in the sunshine and walking along the sea on a warm evening.

I like this, longevity is good and perfect for everyday wear. It can be worn by any age of woman.




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