Glamour Beauty Festival!









Hi Everybody,

Last week I visited the first Glamour Magazine Beauty Festival held at the Saatchi Gallery, London. I have bought Russian Glamour magazine since I was 17/18 when I was getting into all things beauty. When I came to the UK, I have always bought the UK version.  This festival followed other magazines who have launched their own festivals. I visited Vogue and Stylist festivals, so it was interesting to compare Glamour’s show to them.

The Saatchi Galley is located in Chelsea so it is very convenient in being located in a very nice part of London!  We got there 15 minutes early but you couldn’t go inside, unlike the Vogue or Stylist festivals. So we walked around Chelsea for a little bit and came back. The show should have opened its doors but there was a large queue of people waiting. It was like this for 20 minutes. Not good when the first talk was due to begin at 10-15! Advice for organizers, for future event let everyone in to have a look around and organize yourself better so there is no rush for people!

The gallery is large and is a perfect space for art but I did think that unless filled it did feel empty and lacking atmosphere in some areas. The rooms were divided into hair, make-up on the ground floor. Skincare and the fragrance lounge on the first floor and the cover shoot and nails on the second floor.The cover shoot was on the top floor and I was lucky to walk in and get my cover shoot done very quickly. Lancome were there as well and provided the make up for the cover shoot. Great value for £8 for digital and print. I did pick up the new Juicy Shaker, which I will review soon!

I did think that, with only a small number of fragrances that they could have merged it with the make-up zone as it seemed quite empty. If you wanted a bar you really needed more than just a few fragrances there and it seemed a waste of space.  After all you had Lancome and Elizabeth Arden there but none of their fragrances were on display. Strange.

When we booked tickets, you had to choose only one talk to go to.  This was a very tough decision as I really wanted to go to the Jo Malone/Liz Earle/Thea Green as well but we went for the Mary Greenwell/Fearne Cotton talk which was brillant and very inspiring. Mary Greenwell has always been somebody I wanted to meet as she is so lovely and talented. Fearne Cotton was also wonderful, down-to-earth and very gorgeous!

I would loved to have gone for the second day as well. You had the likes of Liz Eldridge, Rita Ora and David Gandy there. I could easily have gone to every talk for the two days such was the quality of the speakers at the show.

I opted for the beauty goodie bag and it was truly excellent as you had a bit of everything. Skincare, makeup, nail and hair products.

Overall, it was an enjoyable time, with a bit of everything for everybody. I hope it was successful enough to see it come back next year.





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