Andrea Garland ‘Vogue 100’ Lip Balm.




Hi Everyone,

As you know I went to the Vogue 100 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  After viewing the wonderful show, I couldn’t resist not looking at the shop which was full of lovely items! Lulu Guinness bags and hand made silk scarves (with vogue covers as the design), to postcards and jigsaw puzzles and even original vintage Vogue magazines!

The shop had a small display of make-up. I had seen on Andrea Garland’s Instagram account that they had collaborated with the NPG to do a limited edition Lip balm using a vintage Vogue cover from 1926 called Vogue Constellation designed by Eduardo Benito as the image for the compact. I wanted it so much when I saw it! I had always wanted to try a lip balm and I always loved the vintage designs of her compacts and the fact they had this beautiful Vogue cover compact was even better.

The lip balm has organic shea butter, beeswax and sweet almond oil as the main ingredients. The scent is a lovely honey/almond. The compact has a lovely mirror, so it is perfect for your handbag. The lip balm is so smooth, not drying at all and makes your lips look like it has no lipstick. It gives you a natural, juicy look to your lips so it looks like you wake up with raspberry lips. It looks so beautiful and is perfect for no make up days but still want to still look glamorous!

The amount of balm inside the compact is very generous and it will last a long time. The great thing is that when you use it up, for the price of £2.50 you can get it refilled! Sounds great to me!

Please check out her website if you like cute, vintage feel make-up.



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