Sainsburys ‘Simple Living is Good Living’ Candle.


Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a relaxing Easter and stuffed with all those chocolate eggs!

When I was wandering around our local Sainsburys picking up the last bits of our weekly shop, my eyes were drawn to a little cream/off white terracotta pot with a wooden lid with a little hang tag on top of  it.  I liked the saying on the front of it, ‘simple living is good living’ . Beautiful words.  I lifted the lid and was taken aback by the scent. It was a wonderful, light spring scent of garden mint.

I came home and immediately started to burn it and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the whole room now had a lovely, spring scent in it and quite subtle too.  The pot is extremely useful as I can’t imagine it being used as a holder for my make-up brushes, plant something in it or maybe I will create my own candle!

It wasn’t very expensive and I cannot remember how much it exactly cost but it was under £5 pounds! I went back the next week and there wasn’t any left. Was it a limited production? I hope not!



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