Luxury In the Bathroom!



Hi everybody,

I bought this Laura Mercier Body & Bath Tarte Au Citron set from the SpaceNK  two years and I have been saving it ever since! I just couldn’t bring myself to opening it but what’s the point of having all these products and not using it? After all, I’m not a hamster that stashes all the nuts!!

The set contains 5 items: body souffle, shimmer body mist, honey bath, body scrub and a wooden honey dripper for the honey bath. They are all decently sized jars for a set. The scent is deliciously sweet and lemony.  The body scrub is creamy and leaves the skin so smooth and soft. The body cream has a nice moisturizing feeling with no sense of stickiness and absorbs easily into the body. The shimmer is sticky when you apply it onto your skin and it leaves a slight shimmer on it. I think this would be great for the summer. I haven’t tried the honey bath yet. After using the products you don’t need to use perfumes or other scents because the scent is strong and remains on your body. The other benefit is that your skin feels so soft, I feel like Cleopatra afterwards bathed in the lemony, sugary goodness!

I bought this set for £25.00 from the SpaceNK sale and is no longer available. You can buy the body cream but I haven’t be able to find the other products. I presume they have been discontinued. This is the first time I have used Laura Mercier products from the body range and I have been impressed by the quality of them. The products are beautiful quality and a great gift for anyone who loves pampering. After all we all deserve a little luxury in our lives!




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