No7 Early Defence Eye Cream.


Hi Everybody,

The effects of everyday living (pollution, lifestyle etc)  and our biological clock means we have to look after ourselves more. We can’t prevent everything but we can slow down and make ourselves older beautifully! We are looking for protection to help skin look younger for longer!

The eye area is so delicate, gentle and sensitive but it shows our age quicker. You can help yourself by looking after this area of your face by starting to use eye creams and face products. Of course, it won’t completely disappear but you can slow down the process.

I have been feeling that my eye areas are getting dryer as I do use face creams but I felt that it didn’t feel right. I  felt that I needed something extra for my eyes as face creams are not right for the eye area.

I went to Boots and started to look for eye creams. No7 do a range of products suitable for different age groups.  I picked up the No7 Early Defence Eye Cream. It is high in vitamin A and with Lipopeptides which help reduce the first fine lines on your delicate areas around your eyes. It is also high in Vitamin C for reducing puffiness and dark circles and make skin brighter. It is also Hypo-allergenic, so good for those of us who have sensitive skin.

It is in a squeezable tube so you don’t need to put your fingers in it. It is also good that it can sit under your foundation and make-up. I also like the fact that it has no scent and it is a light cream formula so it sinks into your skin so quickly with no sticky or greasy feeling to it. My eyes now feel moisturized and no dryness at all around the eyes. At the moment it is helping to boost my protection and gives brightness to my skin.

It is great value at £13.50 and I use it everyday, twice a day, mornings and evenings. For people who want to start using an eye cream, this is a great product. Highly recommended.



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