Olay Regenerist Facial Cleansing Brush.



Hi Everybody,

We all need to exfoliate our skin with a good cleanse but sometimes the manual way of cleansing doesn’t get deep enough so we do need a helping hand. This is where electronic cleansing brushes can help you.

There is so many electronic brushes with different price points in the market. Clarisonic, Magnitone, Philips and Boots No7 range all now have their own range of cleansing brushes.

I choose the Olay Regenerist Facial Cleansing Brush but there is so many to choose from. I decided on Olay’s version because It is a good brand name, affordable and a safe choice to see if they are as good as people say without breaking the bank. You can even use it in the shower as it is waterproof.

This is easy and enjoyable to use with immediate results as after just a couple of days of using it in the evening, the skin looks brighter and felt softer to the touch and bump free. The rotating brush gently works the cleanser (provided in the box is a small tube of Olay Skin Perfecting Cleanser but of course you can use any cleanser you have) into the skin for a deep-clean while giving the face a gentle massage. My skin felt so clean after using it. I am delighted that I have this little gadget to use in my skin cleansing regime.  It is in a compact package ( some brushes on the market are not so compact) and what’s even better it was on sale in Boots. One thing I don’t like is that I wish there was a cap to protect the brush.

Overall these electronic brushes really do work and this Olay version is a really good example to try. You don’t have to buy the expensive products as this budget example proves that they work really well too!




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