Molton Brown Fragrance Discovery Collection.



Hi Everybody,

Molton Brown is a British based company established in 1973. They make bath, body and beauty products. Their products include perfumes, shower gels, body lotions, candles and hand care. They blend exotic ingredients with a touch of British eccentricity for bold fragrances and bright colours that stand out from the rest.

This Fragrance collection was purchased via the Perfume Society. ( this collection is still available from the Perfume Society) The collection is eight samples of 1.5ml per Eau de Toilette to try their new range of perfumes. These are blended with sought after ingredients and collaborated with some of the world’s most respected perfumers.  These little samples are great to try first time and also great if you are travelling so you have a wide selection of different fragrances for different occasions and tastes.

The eight scents are Re-Charge Black Pepper. This is quite masculine as it is strong. More of a male fragrance in my view.

Second scent is Fiery Pink Pepper. Pink Pepper is a grown up fragrance, fresh, spicy and warm.

Third scent is Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold. This is smoky, woody and very masculine too. A man’s scent.

Fourth scent is Ylang-Ylang. My favourite. A floral, fresh warm scent.  A perfect summer fragrance.

Fifth scent is Heavenly Gingerlily is a floral, spicy and fresh scent. A little bit heady in my view.

Sixth scent Blossoming Honeysuckle & White Tea. My second favourite. Fresh, floral with a hint of mandarin.

Seventh Orange & Bergamot. Orange is not my favourite scent in perfumes. Too much orange overpowers the bergamot in this.

The last scent is Bushukan which is a nice zingy, lemon, fresh scent. Also has a touch of grass in there as well. A pleasant EDT.

Overall nice to try but at £39.00 each for a EDT bottle there are a few more fragrances out there I would like to purchase before I buy any of these in a full size version.  But at £10.00 ( for VIP subscribers) for a sample box, that is good value for money to try different scents and  to improve your skills in smelling! This will travel with me when I go back to visit Latvia ..




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