Balance Me Congested Skin Serum.


Hi Everybody,

I discovered this product when I went to the Glamour Magazine festival in March and I received a goodie bag. I was delighted to receive a small sample bottle of it. I immediately started to use this to see if my skin improves as I do suffer from breakouts from time to time.

When visiting my local Waitrose store I found that they had a large selection of Balance Me products. I found the larger size bottle (only 15ml!) for £16. It does seem quite a lot for a small amount.

The serum is for all skin types and it is to be used to help the skin from blemishes, calms redness and to sooth the skin. It also unblocks pores and blackheads. In just a few days, I could see that my blackheads on my nose were disappearing and that redness from my chin area were less aggravated. Spots were still coming through but not so angry and often. The spots didn’t last so long when I applied serum on them. I will point out that I used the serum every single day, twice a day from March till the end of April.

The serum has a slight, herbal scent but not so overbearing. The ingredients include Spruce Knot for redness as soon as a blemish begins to show whilst Kanuka Essential Oil clears congestion with its gentle properties. Roman Chamomile for soothing and lavender for calming. I didn’t suffer from allergy and didn’t dry my skin. It is also a lightweight and absorbed very quickly into the skin.

Now I used my bottle up, I will have to buy another bottle as I can see the difference in my skin without using it! A  wonderful product, well worth every penny of the £16.00. My only gripe is the fact it needs to be in a larger bottle. 30ml would be perfect. I throughly recommend this product.




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