Perfume Books Part 1.


Hi Everybody,

As much as I love perfumes, I also like reading about them too. People’s views on scents and how they describe them is always interesting and these 3 books I have chosen are the man’s view!

The Diary of a Nose is by the renowned parfumeur, Jean-Claude Ellena. His creations include, not just for Hermes, but for Frederic Malle and L’Artisan Parfumeur. This is a slight diary of the year 2009-2010 and is a fascinating sneak peek into his life, creations and the view of a master perfume maker. The description in words by him is as delicate as his perfume creations. A lovely read.

Parfums by Philippe Claudel is a remembrance of smells from childhood to adulthood. Funny and sad in equal measure in short chapters , it describes how scent is around us everywhere and everyday. Scent can be memorized into moments and memories. Sex, fried bacon, hotel rooms and old age, it’s all here in this slim volume of prose.

The Book of Perfumes by John Oakes is A-Z of past and present perfumes. Published in 1996 some perfumes reviewed are now longer available 20 years later.( I have to say that I did look on Ebay when he describes a perfume that interests me!)In short chapters he describes the history of the perfume, the scent itself, and how to wear it. He also goes into what kind of woman can wear it, the materialsĀ of clothes that goes with it and even the colours that match it! He is of strong opinions and some people may disagree but his knowledge is impressive and he obviously has a good nose!

I hope this inspires you to buy these books and look at the world of scents into a different way thanks to these gentlemen in their very individual way. I think below sums it up;

Smell is a word, perfume is literature.




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