Mary Greenwell ‘Cherry’ EDP.


Hi Everybody,

I have had this fragrance since last year when my husband bought this for me for our second anniversary. We had our third wedding anniversary last week and now I will review this perfume!

Mary Greenwell is the greatest of make-up artists working today. I was lucky to see her at the Glamour Festival when she was in conversation with Fearne Cotton. She is passionate and dedicated to her profession but she is funny and warm. She is a beautiful person and one day to be her student and learn from her!

Her perfume creations are Plum, Lemon, Fire and Cherry. and were created with Francois Robert.The packaging is of a nice quality, simple but classy styling. The bottle is a simple rectangular shape and the cap is a heavy gold metal which gives it a wow factor. The cap does add weight to the bottle and is not one to put in a handbag!

The scent is fruity and flowery with a subtle powdery finish. The cherry does not dominate this scent at all. The top notes are blackberry and sour cherry with a touch of bergamot. The cherry is not a cheap, artificial cherry which you can get with cheaper perfumes but a sour cherry. The middle notes I feel lily-of-the-valley and the warmth of the tonka bean but not much jasmine. The base notes I feel the patchouli come through. I have found this to be such a good lasting scent on your body, just a few sprays and it lasts so long on me!

This is a beautiful scent and is perfect for the summer or autumn and like the lady herself, it is a sophisticated creation.




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