Bronzers before Sunset!


Hi Everybody.

If we get a summer here in Britain, it would be nice to use a bronzer to add extra warmth to your skin. You can still do of course but it would be nice to get a nice suntan too!

There are so many bronzers in the market that I would love to try but here are a few of my favourites that I really like as they are good for us who have pale skin and need that extra warmth.

Two Body Shop bronzers to start. One is a ’01 light’ which is a matte finish, it is a perfect shade for pale skin. Not to orange and you can build this product nicely where the sun hits you.

The second Body Shop bronzer is ’02 warm glow‘ differs to the first one as it has a slight shimmer to it to give you a glow sun-kissed look. A really nice shade that you can build nicely with too.

L’Oreal Glam Broze Eau de Soleil differs as it is in a liquid form but you can buy as a powder or as a cushion. This is not a favourite as it is to dark for me but would be perfect for someone who is slightly darker because of the orange tones. It does like nice on the skin and blends easily.

Vita Liberata Luxury Tan comes with a kabuki brush ( the brush is of nice quality but soft)This is a lovely shade and only apply it where the sun hits the face and not on all of the face. It looks wonderful on the skin and is a lovely matt texture to it.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer is the newest bronzer to my collection. People raved about this so I had to give it a go. This also has a matte finish to it and is easy to apply and blends very nicely. A good product but I do love my Body Shop bronzers as I think they suit my skin type better.

With bronzers the secret is not to put on too much on the brush and swirl it and tap the excess amount off and it will blend easily onto the skin.

Enjoy the summer and get bronzed up!


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