Escada ‘Cherry In The Air’ EDT.


Hi Everybody,

Escada. My love of perfume began with an Escada perfume. It was ‘Born in Paradise’ but I have never owned it as it was one of their yearly limited edition scents.  But I still want it!

Cherry in the Air is their 2013 offering so it is limited edition. The packaging is beautiful. Inspired by the French landscape, a girl in a pretty summer dress on a bike is full of joy and happiness.  It really does cheers you happy and makes me smile when I remove it from the box.

The scent is pure summer, a basket full of summer fruits and floral. The dark, deep cherries give you the sweetness and sharpness which make it a beautiful scent but it also has marshmallows in it. Cherry mashmallows, what a sweet combination! The added warmth of the sandalwood gives it extra depth so it is isn’t just another sweet fragrance. For a Eau de Toilette it is so long-lasting on me. I even wear it in the winter just to remind of the summer.

It is a sexy, sweet, girly fragrance and I love it!





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