YSL Touche Eclat VS Seventeen Skin WOW Concealer!


Hi Everybody,

I have two products to compare against each other. They both do the same thing but at different price points.

YSL Touche Eclat is one of the most famous beauty products in the entire world. One is sold every 10 seconds, making one of the most successful beauty products in the world. It is not just a concealer though. It is a a multi-tasking product. You can hide dark circles illuminate and sculpt parts of the face with this product.  You should also choose a lighter shade than your skin. You have plenty of shades available to find the right one for you.

Is it any good? It is. It is worthy of the love that so many people have for it. I love the fact it is in a pencil form,  it’s so easy to apply with and you can just have it in your handbag and re-apply when you require. The brush is soft and doesn’t dry out when you use it to re-apply. It doesn’t dry out through the day and it only creased when I smiled at the end of the day!  It has a beautiful light texture and it is so easy to blend and sinks and sets so well onto the skin. It gives wonderful coverage to your skin.


Seventeen Skin WOW Concealer is cheaper, budget alternative to Touche Eclat. The all-gold packaging with the click button action is a copy of  Touche Eclat! You have two shade options, fair and medium.  When you use the product again, the brush will dry out so you will need to warm up the brush on your hand before you apply it to your face. As the consistency is thicker than Touche Eclat, it will slightly dry out the area where you have worked it onto your skin. These are minor issues as it is excellent product for the price.

It is a bit unfair in comparing these two products together as they are the only ones I have tried so far as there are so many brands who now make their own versions.  But both products have given me a better understanding of how these concealers work so I like both of them. The Seventeen WOW Concealer is a great budget version. Touche Eclat is one of the greatest beauty products ever made and is worthy of so much love.





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