On My Nails – WAH London The Nail Art Dreamy Days Kit.



Hi Everybody,

I haven’t done a nail design post for a while so here is what’s on my nails today. I decided to use my WAHLondon Dreamy Days kit for the design. This is a nice set in a acrylic draw design. Inside you get a nail art pen, 2 pack of nail stickers ( peace and a palm tree design), 3 sponges and 2 nail polishes.’Slicker Than Your Average’ is a bright, bubblegum pink and LA Day is a creamy peach colour. They also provide a easy-to-follow tutorial to recreate a look for your nails.

First of all I used a Mavala base coat and then applied a coat of ‘LA Day’ on all my nails and let them dry. ( they gave a matte effect) They did go streaky so you have to work quite quickly. I then took one of the sponges and using the most pointed corner you apply a little of the ‘Slicker Than Your Average’ polish and lightly dab to halfway down the nail to create a fade effect. I applied some more pink polish on the ends of the nail to give a deeper colour to give Ombre effect. I then applied a sticker ( I choose the ‘Peace’ sign) and  pressed the sticker with an orange stick to flatten them down and even on the nail. I then finished with a Mavala top coat to seal the design.

This is a very summery design I think and the kit is easy to use and is a perfect addition for any nail kit lover.

Hope you like it!






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