Beauty Books Part 1.



Hi everybody,

I decided to share some of my reading material of beauty related books.

First up is the Awakening Beauty: The Dr. Hauschka Way. This is written by Susan West Kurz , who co-founded Dr Hauschka Skin Care Inc in the United States and developed the brand from a niche brand to the pre-eminent holistic skin care brand we know today.

This book is a practical, easy to read and understand book. She explains that anyone can achieve true beauty by looking after your mind and body through various ways. It can be diet, lifestyle and of course, skin care. In the age where we idolize youth, this book proves you don’t need to resort to needles and knives to achieve both inner and outer beauty. A beautiful book and I have bought a few products from the Dr Hauschka range because of this book.

One of my favourite quotes is below:

‘If only you would smile, you would be beautiful,’ my mother sometimes said to me when I was a young girl. As I grew older, other adults continued to point out characteristics that if changed would make me more beautiful. Eventually, I took over the job of critiquing my appearance. I often told myself that if my nose were straighter, or my eyes less deep-set, or my hips a little smaller, I would indeed be beautiful.

The next book is Nature’s Beauty Secrets by Dawn Gallagher. She is a former  model who’s travelled around the world visiting some of the best spas in the world. She shares her knowledge, recipes and beauty tips she discovered while visiting them and recreating some of the experiences for your home. The simple, inexpensive techniques can be enjoyed by everybody with ingredients you have in your kitchen. A great read but I would like to visit some of the spas though!

Part 2 coming soon.




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