Rosie for Autograph Perfume Collection!


Hi Everybody,

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley isn’t just a model and actress but also has a range of lingerie, make -up and perfume with the great British high street Marks & Spencer. Her perfumes are part of the Autograph range that bares her name. The first Rosie Huntington-Whiteley perfume was simply called Rosie and  was brought into the market in 2015. Since then two more perfumed have been added to the range.

The first fragrance has been incredibly successful and was a winner of a Fragrance Foundation award for best new celebrity fragrance. The bottle is a simple faceted rectangle shape and the weight make it feel a quality product.  The rose coloured cap and name plate looks classy and quality. I like the ‘Rosie’ signature and the rose emblem is on the cap as well.  The scent is made from the Centifolia rose harvested in Grasse so there is warm, vanilla silk touch to it. It also has a vintage feel which is very pleasant. It is a nice floral fragrance with hint of woodiness to it. It is a heady and sexy perfume. It could easily wear this in the daytime or evening.

The second perfume, also launched in 2015, is Rosie Nuit Parfum. This still has the rose element but a more fruitiness to it. Blackcurrent is there as top note but you can diffently feel musk and woodiness in the dry down. More of a darker, night time feel to it and is certainly warmer in feel.

The latest perfume added to the range is Summer Rose. This is inspired by her love of Thailand. By adding Thai Jasmine it gives it a green, fresh, floral fruity scent.  After all the green freshness, you can feel the pear and blackcurrent but the warmth from the musk and woodiness still comes through. Of the three, I do like this one the most.

One of the great things is that they are affordable and are distinctive from the usual celebrity fragrances we now see so much. I leave you with this quote from the first fragrance.

The first breaking rays of dawn,

The first touch of sunlight on skin,

The first dew on a rose in bloom,

The first time that I saw you.



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