Lanvin ‘Marry Me’ EDP!


Hi everybody,

Lanvin Marry Me was introduced in 2010 and is a love scent. The bond between a woman and her perfume is strong, it almost follows her like a shadow.

The bottle is a very beautiful design with a cute purple ribbon. The scent is a lovely blend of floral and fruit, it isn’t too sweet or floral and is evenly blended. The top notes are freesias, rose, jasmine and magnolia. The sweet fruitness of peach is evident and the slight sharpness and bitterness of orange is also there. The dry down gives the warmth from the musk, cedar and amber.  All the bouquet of ingredients make for a beautiful perfume. It is a light scent and not all heady or overpowering. It lasts all day and I can still feel it days later on my clothes.

Lanvin Marry Me is not a girly fragrance but a romantic, grown-up scent, a truly romantic scent that lives up its name!



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