Scents for the Home!


Hello Everybody,

When you come home, there is nothing better to light a candle. My father, when I was child, always had candles burning. Not necessary a scented candle but just the glowing warmth of a burning light to give sparkle to the home. Since then I have always loved having candles burning. The popularity of candles has grown into a lucrative business nowadays and so has the price of candles! I like to find some reasonable priced candles but good quality too but it is challenging!

First up is Fortnum & Mason Countess Grey Tea Candle is a small size (burning time 20-24 hours) but  it is a nice scent of green tea and bergamot with a hint of orange and we did feel the fragrance around the flat. A very subtle, refined scent.  The packaging, as you would expect from Fortnum & Mason is quality. A perfect afternoon tea candle when sipping tea and scones.

The next one was a TK Maxx find. The Ralph Lauren ‘Cotton’ candle. This is a large, glass William Morris inspired Arts & Craft design, The scent is fresh, light and clean with a hint of floral. The whole room feels like fresh laundary with the windows open. This is a summer, lazy morning, staying-in-bed scent.

The third candle was purchased from & Other Stories, Bouquet de Saison Bougie Parfumee candle. I walked into the store off Oxford Street and the smell was so unusually and intoxicating, I had to follow the scent until I found the display table. I immediately found the table and I picked up the first candle and this was it. It is hand-filled candle in a simple white pottery with the top dipped in a light green glaze with an embossed name. The scent is a  green floral scent with a hint of woodiness. It feels like a fresh, spring morning. Unusually and oh so French, perfect for the Riviera!






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