Dr Hauschka Clarifying Face Care Kit!


Hi Everybody,

Dr Hauschka has been around since 1935 and based in Eckwalden since 1950. Their reputation is based on its principals of sustainability,  an holistic approach to the mind and spirit and the use of science.

I bought this sample kit in Infinity Foods in Brighton.  I choose the Clarifying Face Care Kit for combination, blemish and oily skin. I have never tried any of their products and I always think the small kits are a great introduction to a brand.

The kit includes; Cleansing Cream; Clarifying toner; Clarifying Day Oil; Melissa Day Cream; Clarifying Steam Bath; Clarifying Clay Mask and Revitalising Mask. So it has everything you need to cleanse, tone and moisturize, which are the three main steps Dr Hauschka  taught to look after your skin.

The cleansing cream is a thick, grainy consistency which is not abrasive to the skin at all but the unusually texture is different to other cleansing creams. You can feel the difference after washing it from your skin.

The Clarifying  Toner really does freshen the skin and it  did help with my redness.

The Day Oil absorbs so quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feel to it and my skin loves it!

The Melissa Day Cream is a nicely balanced cream which can can do anything.  It calms, hydrates and radiants the skin. My make-up didn’t slide at all.

The Steam Bath prepares the skin for a deep cleanse and is very freshing.

The Clay Mask I used after the Steam Bath and it gives a deep cleanse as it draws out impurities and dirt. My skin feel brighter and blemishes were not so aggressive and also less redness.

The Revitalising Mask rejuvenates and soothes the skin. My blemishes and redness were less aggressive and my skin had a radiant glow.

If you have a nut allergy, please make sure you read the ingredient list as some products do contain peanut oil.

I liked all the products and enjoyed the skincare regime and I really felt the difference of using them so I will be buying some of the full-size products and I will include them in my skincare routine from now on.




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