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Foundations is the most difficult make up to choose for yourself. The recommendation of a foundation to one person may suit their skin but may not suit another! There is so many different types of foundation on the market, there’s light coverage, full coverage, matte, glowing, tinted, powder. The list is endless and of course all skin types are different and we all have our personal preferences to the types of foundation we like!

My  skin is combination with can be oily and blemish prone or dehydrated and dry!  My personal preference is a glowing foundation and that gives radiance and a glow to the skin. I’m not a big fan of matte foundation but I will give some a go and try some!

Here are some foundations I have tried so far and there’s a lot to try!

No7 Instant Radiance Foundation in ‘Calico’. The packaging is perfect, travel friendly and when I travel I take this one! The automatic pump action sucks up everything so no waste! I used No7’s foundation match up service when first launched and this was the match it recommended. The  foundation itself is a perfect match to me. It is a light to medium coverage with cream consistency and evens out my skin tone. It is also SPF 15 and gives a lovely radiance to my skin.  It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and so easy to apply on the skin. It works into the skin nicely. By the end of the day, it does slightly slide near my nose as I do wear glasses but it doesn’t really bother me. An excellent everyday foundation. I have re-purchased this so often!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in’Light Vanilla’. The packaging is glass with a pump action but you don’t collect all the foundation, unlike the No7. The range isn’t as large as the No7 so difficult to choose a perfect shade. This is also a light to medium coverage which you can build up. It is also similar in consistency to the No7 and easy to work with to blend in and works into the skin easily. It is also a bit more yellow in under tone than No7 ( which is a bit more pink) Good coverage but I do tend to use a bit more concealer to cover any blemishes I may have. No feeling of heaviness either on the skin but no SPF in it.  It does give a healthy glow but it does disappear at the end of the day. It’s a good everyday foundation that I have repurchased again.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in ‘1N Ivory’. They have changed the formula so often, I’ve never had the opportunity to try previous foundations. The packaging is glass and has a pump action. This has a more liquid but dry consistency than the others. It does have quite light coverage. The colour match is perfect but it doesn’t blend as easy as the No7 or Boujois. It is quite drying and emphasizes  every single imperfection on my skin! It sits on the skin and I don’t like that. It also gives a matte finish on me and it slides off on my skin and it looks awful on me! I really wanted to like this as I have seen so many positive reviews on it but it just doesn’t work on me.

Rimmel Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation in ‘ 100 Ivory’. The packaging is glass and with a pump action. They have changed the formula on this foundation. I always liked this foundation and re-purchased often. Now it’s called Match Perfection Invisible Coverage Visibly Perfected Skin. My advice to Rimmel is go back to the original formula! The original foundation is a great blend of coverage and radiance and so easy to work with. This new foundation with ‘the pore blurring effect’ is rubbish compared to the original.  The imperfections can be seen and it slides off so easily. The original never did that. What a disappointment and I want the original foundation back!

I hope this helps people,who have a similar skin type to me, to find the right foundation. Now to try different foundations!











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