Lancome Tresor ‘Midnight Rose’ EDP.


Hi Everybody,

I do have a soft scent for Lancome products since I came to live in the UK. My husband bought me my first Lancome Beauty Box for Christmas, I have loved their products and their perfumes ever since. I now own 3 perfumes from Lancome.

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose is a perfume for the autumn/ winter time but I do occasionally wear it in the summer. The scent is a heady mixture of berries, particular blackcurrents and raspberries and soft floral notes. There is also a nice blend of slight woodiness to it.

My bottle is a beautiful shape with an ombre effect to the bottle. The fabric purple rose is a lovely touch to the design of the bottle. The colour is perfect.  If you had to describe the fragrance as a colour, it would be the deep purple. I think 20s upwards could wear this scent, it is a mixture of sophistication, feminine and mystery. 1 or 2 sprays is enough and it lasts all day.

You can wear this in the daytime or as an evening scent.  Suit or silk, either is perfect with this scent..





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