My Year of Mascaras!


Hi Everybody,

Mascaras are one of the most difficult make up choices around. With so many different types of mascaras and what they can do, the choice is overwhelming. The brushes, the formulation, the textures, the price range. All make it difficult to find the elusive perfect mascara. Here are the mascaras I have used through 2016.

‘The all-right-but-nothing-special-mascaras’

MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara was only a sample size to try the full size. Trying this sample size saved me from buying the full-size version! The bristle brush is quite thick and didn’t give me the false extreme lash look at all, only gave me a natural look to the lashes. Nothing WOW for me.

Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara has a very spiky and plasticky brush and that spoils the effect of applying it onto the lashes. I accidentally poked my eye with it as it’s too spiky!  Through the day it eventually smudged and gave me the panda eye look! It did elongate and separate the lashes though.

Clarins ‘Wonder Perfect’ Mascara applies nicely, eyelashes look pretty but the downside is that it smudged through the day. Not a perfect mascara then. I also tried ‘Be Long’ Mascara but this also smudged on me! It did give a really nice effect but the smudging was very disappointing on these Clarins. Maybe the samples were faulty?

Laura Mercier ‘Full Blown Volume Supreme Lash Building’ Mascara wins the award for the longest name in Mascaras! This didn’t give the volume as it says but the lashes looked natural, elongated and separated and also didn’t smudge. For the price, it was a bit of let-down in my view and didn’t leave my lashes with the full blown effect as promised.

The best-of-the-rest-mascaras’

L’Oreal ‘False Lash Sculpt’Mascara has the weirdest, rubbery brush I’ve used on a mascara, the shape looks like a dragon’s head and small. But in spite of this, it gave my lashes the elongated and separated look I wanted. It didn’t smudge either and I was very impressed by this one and the price was good for under ten pounds. A great everyday mascara.

Rimmel ‘Volume Colourist’ Mascara has unusual squared off bristles but this obliviously helps the look as it separates and gives you volume to the lashes. It also has lash tint complex in it and the longer you use it, your lashes get darker. It did for me and I have been really happy to use this mascara.

Benefit ‘Roller Lash’ Mascara was a Benefit mascara I did use and liked a lot. The brush is so nicely curved and small. The rubber bristles are soft compared to the They’re Real’ mascara. It really opened the eyes, curled the lashes and separated them perfectly. I really liked this mascara.

Kevyn Aucoin ‘Essential’ Mascara has a slightly curved brush which makes it easier to apply onto the lashes and work into them. It also has ultra-soft fibres which blends into the lashes easily. A really nice mascara that delivers on volume and doesn’t clump the lashes. A true black mascara as well, like all the others.

It’s always good to experiment with mascaras, the different things they can achieve makes it interesting. The mascara is a competitive market and one mascara may be right for one person but not for somebody else. After all we humans are very picky!




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