Serge Lutens ‘Nuit de Cellophane’ EDP.


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Serge Lutens is a multi-talented artist whose work encompasses fashion, hair,  photography, make-up and perfume.  He is strongly associated with Shiseido, having been hired by them in 1980 to develop their image. He not only designed the cosmetics and packaging but he also photographed the award-winning advertisements. He has his own line of make up but unfortunately it is not available in the UK.  His earliest perfume was in 1991 and since then he has developed over 70 fragrances.

I only have one bottle of his perfume, Nuit de Cellophane. The bottle design is a simple rectangle shape, long and sleek. The label is an old fashioned paper label with a long cap. Unusually for a fragrance the atomiser is not sealed into the bottle. It is in the box, ready for you to attach it yourself.

The scent is beautiful summer flower bouquet. The opening is mandarin orange, jasmine, carnations, lilies and Osmanthus. The dry down has more fruitness coming through and a touch of sweetness from almond and honey. I also feel a hint of muskiness to it which is not overbearing at all. On me perfumes last long and this one is no different.

I like this perfume, it is a modern, floral fragrance, distinctive and unusually. Other Serge Lutens perfumes are heavier, spicy and smoky. This perfume has a much more wearable than those so this scent will appeal to all woman who want something different to the mainstream perfumes out there.


On My Nails – CND Vinylux vs Sally Hansen Miracle Gel!




Hi Everybody,

One downside of using nail polishes is that they can quickly chip and the colour fades. The advantage of using gel polishes is that they do last longer but you can’t always go to a salon to have them done, as it can be expensive and can also damage the nails when you remove the polish.  On the high street they is so many brands now making gel polishes without using a UV lamp, easy to do and affordable. So I decided to compare the gel nail polishes from CND and Sally Hansen to see which is best. There are similar prices so a fair comparison.

I went for CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in the colour ‘Lush Tropics‘ which is a beautiful shade of green. Not for everyone but it is a beautiful summer colour, perfect for someone who loves bold bright colour like me!  The nails have to be cleaned, filed and manicured.  No base coat is required! I always put base coat on but with these gel polishes you don’t need too. I was intrigue, does it stain your nails? I applied 2 coats of the shade which you have to. The first coat doesn’t look right so you need to apply 2 coats to get the true colour. I then put one coat of CND Vinylux weekly top coat. This should cure and under natural light seal the colour.  It dried so quickly! I did get a whole week of wear without any major chipping to the nails. My left hand was perfect but as I am right-handed, there was minor chipping to this hand.  It was such good quality, no staining on the nails and easy to remove.

The second nail polish was Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel in the colour ‘Malibu Peach’ which is a  pastel peach colour. Nice for summer and to brighten up a winter too! It is the same principal as CND. You apply 2 coats of colour and then a top coat. The result was good too. I managed to get a full week without any major chipping but it was harder to paint with, I did find that it was a little streaky to apply but I think that was because of the paler colour I picked. It didn’t stain nails either so that was good. It is easier to find Sally Hansen products on the high street than CND. CND products you can find in salons or internet sellers.

My feeling was that the CND was marginally better than the Sally Hansen, the colour hold up slightly better for the week. In quality terms, they were fairly equal. Both easy to work with and do what you want them to do: to achieve a beautiful manicure in your home!




Kevyn Aucoin ‘The Featherlights Palette’.




Hi Everybody,

My first beauty purchase of the year was from the sales. Unfortunately I didn’t buy much from the sales compared to last year. I thought the sales offerings this year was poor.  Good for the bank balance maybe but not for me to add more beauty products!

I did manage to buy from the SpaceNK sale, my first Kevyn Aucoin palette. I don’t often see his products, especially eye shadow palettes in a sale. This palette is The Featherlights Palette. When you look at it, it looks beautiful. It’s a sleek, compact case in dark burgundy and feels nice. When you open it you have a decent-sized mirror. You have 5 eye shadows. The top two shades are a light pink and a light magnolia. The other 3 colours are a matte grey, a satin green and a satin grey-brown. The pigmentation isn’t so strong and the shades are subtle and delicate. They are blendable but I did find the fall-out was more than I expected especially when blending shades. I did found them to be quite chalky in texture and I was little disappointed by this.

The RRP is £46.00 and if I paid the full amount I would feel cheated to be honest. I don’t think it’s worth anything like the full RRP but I only paid £23.00 but I still feel that is quite a bit of money compared to other rival’s palettes. I don’t feel it’s a ‘WOW’ palette for the money. Sometimes I feel the marketing and the name fools you into thinking it will be better than others.

I will still use it but next time I will be slightly more careful when buying online in the sales!






Elizabeth Arden ‘Bold Kisses’ Lipstick Collection!



From top: Rouge, Melon, Ruby Rose and Peony.

Hi Everybody,

A girl can never have enough lipsticks. I have had a few Elizabeth Arden lipsticks before from the cermide ultra collection. The lipsticks I have chosen to review are from the Bold Kisses collection. The collection is made up of four colours: Melon, Rouge, Peony and Ruby Rose. So all perfect for any occasion. The set comes in a nice clutch bag which you can use for going out with or just to use as a make-up bag.

The packaging is very nicely done and of nice quality. The door motif is still used for the packaging and still looks good. The lipsticks themselves are creamy and non-drying and they do last on the lips for quite awhile. The Melon is a peachy/coral colour with a very slight frost effect. The Rouge is a true red with cool tones. The Peony is a light pink with very slight frost finish as well. The Ruby Rose is a plum pink. I think you can use Melon and Peony for spring/ summer and Rouge and Ruby Rose for autumn and winter, so you are covered for the whole year!

Elizabeth Arden are a classic company with classic range of products. Times and fashions change, new fashionable companies come in but Elizabeth Arden can still hold their on with the products from the ever increasing competition they face.


Sali Hughes ‘Pretty Iconic’ Review!



This is my stash of products that she mentions in the book.

Hi Everybody,

I love all things beauty but discovering beauty products is not just going into shops but also from the various media outlets we have in our world.  One of the best writers on the beauty is Sali Hughes. I discovered her by accident when I found an interview on her YouTube channel, salihughesbeauty. I thoroughly enjoyed and I started to read her articles she writes in The Guardian newspaper. Thankfully, a publisher discovered her as well and she wrote her first book, Pretty Honest, which is THE bible for all things beauty in my view.  I throughly enjoy how she writes, easy to understand, funny and honest. Remember, English is not my first language!

I was very excited when I heard her next book would cover iconic beauty products from the past, present and future. The book has not disappointed me in any way. Sali has a wonderful way of describing a product and interlinking it with her own life and being totally honest about it, whether good or bad. It could be a trip down memory lane about a product she used as a teenager or a new product she is using today. The great thing about Sali is that she is not in any way snobbish about products. A cheap product, like Dove Beauty Bar can be a winner just as much as a high-end product like Suqqu Cream Foundation is. It is a wonderful attitude to have, to appreciate all beauty products irrespective of cost and exclusivity.  So many others only look at expensive products and forgot what beauty is about and what it can do.  I also have to mention the design of the book which is perfect. I like the retro looking photography which gives a quirkiness to the book .   I have to say that before I started reading the book, I flipped through every single page to check what products she mentions and how many I already have in my stash! Of course since I have read the book, I have added more products she mentions and there is still more on my wish list to try.

This is a must buy if you love all things beauty. Thank you Sali, you have created a wonderful read for us girls and to have fun with beauty and that’s what matters.


Nina Ricci ‘Ricci Ricci’ EDP!


Hi Everybody,

This perfume has a personal significance for me.  In 2009, with my first pay cheque working in the UK I went to Debenhams to treat myself with a new perfume as I didn’t have any. I smelt a lot of perfumes that day but the two perfumes that stood out were the recently released Nina Ricci  ‘Ricci Ricci’ and Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret. I choose this one.

The perfume bottle is a pretty purple shade with a beautiful bow cap. It’s so feminine and pretty. The scent is in my view,memorable and unusual. The beginning you can feel the bergamot with the first spray.  Sweet, fruity, floral begins to impose as you can feel the bergamot, patchouli and rose. There is rhubarb which gives the sweet and sharpness and sandalwood for a touch of warmth. It lasts all day and I still can smell it next day on me.

I love this scent, the combination of rhubarb and floral makes it so unusual and distinctive. It is a feminine and classy perfume. This is my second bottle of it.

A couple of days afterwards I did purchase Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret but that is a different story….I find my love…


December Favourites!


Hi Everybody,

First of all I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2017! Thank you to everyone for reading my blog, I do appreciate it. Lots of hugs and kisses to you all.

Here are my favourites I used in December.


I have been enjoying Origins skin care. I bought a little set of mini products and I have loved them. The Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser is a wonderful product, it is a 2-1 cleanser and a gentle exfoliator as well. It is a lovely uplifting scent as well. Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay is another hit for me. It really improved my skin and my skin felt brighter and the redness calmed down.  Ginzing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer is a lightweight cream and absorbs instantly into the skin. You do feel hydrated and the uplifting scent has a real citrus feel to it. Another winner from Origins.

I love hand creams but this is something a bit different.  Alessandro Hand Spa Age Complex Micro Peel is a micro peel for your hands with fruits acids. It has Lactic and Glycolic acids amongst others. When I washed my hands it felt you had given them a deep clean, just like a facial! I really like the concept and for me it worked a treat as my hands felt cleansed, soft and almost velvet like!

OGX Kukui Anti-Freeze Hydrating Oil is another I have really enjoyed. First of all, I like the fact it has a spray action and it is a lightweight consistency not heavy at all and the scent is pleasant too. It really helps to keep my frizziness at bay and I do enjoy putting oils into my hair and the beautiful scent!


I did a separate blog post on the Sleek  Eye & Cheek Palette ‘Dancing Till Dusk’ but I had mention it again.The pigmentation, the ease of blending and the colours look fantastic when applied. Great value palette.

The Charlotte Tibury K.I.S.S.I.N.G ‘Velvet Underground’ is a wonderful pink fuchsia colour and is packed with anti-oxidant that protects the lips from UV damage. The colour is what matters and it is a stunning colour, it glides so easily onto the lips and the pigmentation is fantastic. It doesn’t dry out the lips, stays all day (you need to apply after eating of course!) The packaging is top-notch and I love it!

I have a new tool for applying foundation: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I have never been sure of these if they do work but I have find it easy to use and you can apply quicker and the complexion looks different from using a brush. I do love brushes but it is good to try different techniques to practice your skills.


I love my music and I listen to music every day. When living in Latvia, I did learn in a choir when in church. I am quite shy in public but in church anyone can sing as you singing from your heart..

I was very excited when I heard Alicia Keys was releasing a new CD, Alicia Here, as I have all her albums. and I’m never disappointed by here output.  I love her voice and her musical ability. Like all her other albums, you need to listen it several times to appreciate it.

Lady Gaga Joanne is my first album from Lady Gaga.  I have played it so often, I know the lyrics to some of the songs and sing-a-long to it but not as good as her of course ! Mark Ronson has managed to find the real voice of her and she can REALLY sing. She is a great songwriter, a great singer and a great personality. A rare find these days.