Sali Hughes ‘Pretty Iconic’ Review!



This is my stash of products that she mentions in the book.

Hi Everybody,

I love all things beauty but discovering beauty products is not just going into shops but also from the various media outlets we have in our world.  One of the best writers on the beauty is Sali Hughes. I discovered her by accident when I found an interview on her YouTube channel, salihughesbeauty. I thoroughly enjoyed and I started to read her articles she writes in The Guardian newspaper. Thankfully, a publisher discovered her as well and she wrote her first book, Pretty Honest, which is THE bible for all things beauty in my view.  I throughly enjoy how she writes, easy to understand, funny and honest. Remember, English is not my first language!

I was very excited when I heard her next book would cover iconic beauty products from the past, present and future. The book has not disappointed me in any way. Sali has a wonderful way of describing a product and interlinking it with her own life and being totally honest about it, whether good or bad. It could be a trip down memory lane about a product she used as a teenager or a new product she is using today. The great thing about Sali is that she is not in any way snobbish about products. A cheap product, like Dove Beauty Bar can be a winner just as much as a high-end product like Suqqu Cream Foundation is. It is a wonderful attitude to have, to appreciate all beauty products irrespective of cost and exclusivity.  So many others only look at expensive products and forgot what beauty is about and what it can do.  I also have to mention the design of the book which is perfect. I like the retro looking photography which gives a quirkiness to the book .   I have to say that before I started reading the book, I flipped through every single page to check what products she mentions and how many I already have in my stash! Of course since I have read the book, I have added more products she mentions and there is still more on my wish list to try.

This is a must buy if you love all things beauty. Thank you Sali, you have created a wonderful read for us girls and to have fun with beauty and that’s what matters.



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