Elizabeth Arden ‘Bold Kisses’ Lipstick Collection!



From top: Rouge, Melon, Ruby Rose and Peony.

Hi Everybody,

A girl can never have enough lipsticks. I have had a few Elizabeth Arden lipsticks before from the cermide ultra collection. The lipsticks I have chosen to review are from the Bold Kisses collection. The collection is made up of four colours: Melon, Rouge, Peony and Ruby Rose. So all perfect for any occasion. The set comes in a nice clutch bag which you can use for going out with or just to use as a make-up bag.

The packaging is very nicely done and of nice quality. The door motif is still used for the packaging and still looks good. The lipsticks themselves are creamy and non-drying and they do last on the lips for quite awhile. The Melon is a peachy/coral colour with a very slight frost effect. The Rouge is a true red with cool tones. The Peony is a light pink with very slight frost finish as well. The Ruby Rose is a plum pink. I think you can use Melon and Peony for spring/ summer and Rouge and Ruby Rose for autumn and winter, so you are covered for the whole year!

Elizabeth Arden are a classic company with classic range of products. Times and fashions change, new fashionable companies come in but Elizabeth Arden can still hold their on with the products from the ever increasing competition they face.



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