Kevyn Aucoin ‘The Featherlights Palette’.




Hi Everybody,

My first beauty purchase of the year was from the sales. Unfortunately I didn’t buy much from the sales compared to last year. I thought the sales offerings this year was poor.  Good for the bank balance maybe but not for me to add more beauty products!

I did manage to buy from the SpaceNK sale, my first Kevyn Aucoin palette. I don’t often see his products, especially eye shadow palettes in a sale. This palette is The Featherlights Palette. When you look at it, it looks beautiful. It’s a sleek, compact case in dark burgundy and feels nice. When you open it you have a decent-sized mirror. You have 5 eye shadows. The top two shades are a light pink and a light magnolia. The other 3 colours are a matte grey, a satin green and a satin grey-brown. The pigmentation isn’t so strong and the shades are subtle and delicate. They are blendable but I did find the fall-out was more than I expected especially when blending shades. I did found them to be quite chalky in texture and I was little disappointed by this.

The RRP is £46.00 and if I paid the full amount I would feel cheated to be honest. I don’t think it’s worth anything like the full RRP but I only paid £23.00 but I still feel that is quite a bit of money compared to other rival’s palettes. I don’t feel it’s a ‘WOW’ palette for the money. Sometimes I feel the marketing and the name fools you into thinking it will be better than others.

I will still use it but next time I will be slightly more careful when buying online in the sales!







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