On My Nails – CND Vinylux vs Sally Hansen Miracle Gel!




Hi Everybody,

One downside of using nail polishes is that they can quickly chip and the colour fades. The advantage of using gel polishes is that they do last longer but you can’t always go to a salon to have them done, as it can be expensive and can also damage the nails when you remove the polish.  On the high street they is so many brands now making gel polishes without using a UV lamp, easy to do and affordable. So I decided to compare the gel nail polishes from CND and Sally Hansen to see which is best. There are similar prices so a fair comparison.

I went for CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in the colour ‘Lush Tropics‘ which is a beautiful shade of green. Not for everyone but it is a beautiful summer colour, perfect for someone who loves bold bright colour like me!  The nails have to be cleaned, filed and manicured.  No base coat is required! I always put base coat on but with these gel polishes you don’t need too. I was intrigue, does it stain your nails? I applied 2 coats of the shade which you have to. The first coat doesn’t look right so you need to apply 2 coats to get the true colour. I then put one coat of CND Vinylux weekly top coat. This should cure and under natural light seal the colour.  It dried so quickly! I did get a whole week of wear without any major chipping to the nails. My left hand was perfect but as I am right-handed, there was minor chipping to this hand.  It was such good quality, no staining on the nails and easy to remove.

The second nail polish was Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel in the colour ‘Malibu Peach’ which is a  pastel peach colour. Nice for summer and to brighten up a winter too! It is the same principal as CND. You apply 2 coats of colour and then a top coat. The result was good too. I managed to get a full week without any major chipping but it was harder to paint with, I did find that it was a little streaky to apply but I think that was because of the paler colour I picked. It didn’t stain nails either so that was good. It is easier to find Sally Hansen products on the high street than CND. CND products you can find in salons or internet sellers.

My feeling was that the CND was marginally better than the Sally Hansen, the colour hold up slightly better for the week. In quality terms, they were fairly equal. Both easy to work with and do what you want them to do: to achieve a beautiful manicure in your home!





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