Serge Lutens ‘Nuit de Cellophane’ EDP.


Hi Everybody,

Serge Lutens is a multi-talented artist whose work encompasses fashion, hair,  photography, make-up and perfume.  He is strongly associated with Shiseido, having been hired by them in 1980 to develop their image. He not only designed the cosmetics and packaging but he also photographed the award-winning advertisements. He has his own line of make up but unfortunately it is not available in the UK.  His earliest perfume was in 1991 and since then he has developed over 70 fragrances.

I only have one bottle of his perfume, Nuit de Cellophane. The bottle design is a simple rectangle shape, long and sleek. The label is an old fashioned paper label with a long cap. Unusually for a fragrance the atomiser is not sealed into the bottle. It is in the box, ready for you to attach it yourself.

The scent is beautiful summer flower bouquet. The opening is mandarin orange, jasmine, carnations, lilies and Osmanthus. The dry down has more fruitness coming through and a touch of sweetness from almond and honey. I also feel a hint of muskiness to it which is not overbearing at all. On me perfumes last long and this one is no different.

I like this perfume, it is a modern, floral fragrance, distinctive and unusually. Other Serge Lutens perfumes are heavier, spicy and smoky. This perfume has a much more wearable than those so this scent will appeal to all woman who want something different to the mainstream perfumes out there.



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