February Favourites!


Hi Everybody,

Here are my February favourites, this month is quite short as I haven’t managed to try so many but I have bought more for March! Looking forward to the Spring!!


Maybelline ‘the falsies push up drama’ Mascara  is a good everyday mascara, gives good length and doesn’t smudge through the day. It is slightly clumpy on the lashes so you need to work quite quickly to separate them. The brush has a rubbery texture and the size is perfect as it is easy to work with.

Pixi Mini Endless Brow Gel Pen in ‘medium’ is a soft gel pen. It goes so quickly! It stays all day but when you work into the brow I did find crumbs developed so I needed to use a brush to comb the brows and this minimized the crumb issue! I find this a bit annoying but the colour was a good match for me. I did like it but powder looks more natural in my view.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Universal Lip Liner has been a product I have used everyday on every colour I have used! Pinks, reds, purples and nudes. It really holds the lipstick and no bleeding from lip line edge. I really like this product.

Max Factor Foundation Brush does have synthetic bristles but it does apply foundation nicely and I have enjoyed using this brush. Soft and very good value.


Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Cream was part of my birthday present I received from my big sister and brother-in-law. I started using this at the beginning of the month at it has been wonderful to use. It has a creamy consistency, absorbs so easily into the skin and my skin felt so moisturized and hydrated as my skin felt slightly dry. Some foundations easily glided on top of this cream when I applied it. Very happy with this and so does my skin!


Tresemme Expert Botanique Nourish & Replenish Coconut Milk & Aloe Vera Shampoo & Conditioner has a gorgeous smell. After washing, the hair is so soft and moisturized. Some shampoos can feel heavy on the hair but not this one. It did nourish the hair and left a nice shine to it. It is also sillcone free and you can feel the difference.


Dad’s Army Complete DVD Collection is a British comedy institution about the Home Guard (local volunteers made up of the old and young) set during the Second World War. It is wonderful comedy, the different characters and the interaction between them is brilliant. They may get themselves into funny situations but they always do their best when something goes wrong, which it does all the time! The writing is wonderful and the actors are just fantastic. We have watched this for 2 months and still watching them!

The Book of Orchids published by Ivy Press is a life size guide to 600 species from around the world. I love orchids and I have 8 orchids in my home. My mother taught me to look after them as she often brought them home to us and I have loved them ever since. I have always grown up with flowers so gardening is very important to me. It is amazing to think that there are so many varieties of orchids in our world. There is a photograph of the actual size of the orchid, a brief description of the plant and a little map to show you where it is from. A beautifully illustrated book and a great book for those who love orchids.

Peter Storm Fleece Jumper has been needed as it is still cold here and I love this little raspberry pink jumper as it’s so warm and it goes with everything. You can wear at home or even in the bed. I have washed it and it has never bobbled unlike other fleeces I have bought.


Max Factor Mini Haul!


Hi Everybody,

I do love browsing in Boots. I love to look around to see what’s new in the market and testing products on my arms. My arm is often looking like an artist’s palette, full of different colours and textures!

Boots counter girls often create a pack of beauty products for a special price. I spotted on the Max Factor stand one of these packs. I have rarely bought anything from Max Factor so I thought it would be a good idea to try a range of products from them in one go. It consisted of a small faux leather make up bag, a foundation brush, False Lash Epic mascara, Colour Elixit Universal Lip Liner, Masterpiece Colour Precision Eye Shadow ‘Pearl Beige’, Glossfinity Nail Polish’ Pink’ed’ and two lipsticks, Matte 05 Nude and ‘Star Dust Pink’615.

I have not used all of the products but I have used a few of the items. The foundation brush, which I have already washed, has impressed me for a budget brush. I do like the lip liner too. You can use with any kind of lipstick and stops the bleeding out from the lip line edge. The rest of the items need proper testing before I make an opinion on them. But so far so good!



Oil & Balm Cleansers!


Hi Everybody,

This is my second post on cleansers and my views on the ones I have been using. This time I will be looking at oil based cleansers.

This is the most important routine of the day when you are preparing your skin to rid of all the dirt, impurities and make up through the day so you have a fresh, clean start for the next morning. Of course you have a second cleanse for your specific skin type.

Here we have four different cleansers from four different types of manufacturer: A multi national conglomerate, a small company, a supermarket chain and a homemade producer!

L’Oreal Skin Perfecting Miracle Cleansing Oil has an advantage straight away from the rest. The easy to use pump is an advantage! This helps to dissolve the make-up with your first step of your cleansing routine. I didn’t get any breakouts or dryness afterwards. One minor issue I has with it was the scent, which is quite overpowering. It felt you were using perfume on your face and rubbing it in! In my view, a cleansing like this does need an strong, artificial scent.

Super Facialist by Una Brennen Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil has no pump action, so you need to pour it onto your hands. Downside! This should have a pump action and all oil based cleansers should have pump action mechanisms to avoid mess free spillages! It  dissolves make up really well and I didn’t feel dryness or breakouts. But the scent is awful in my view. An artificial smell of oranges! It did put me off to continue to use it all.

Waitrose Pure Hydration Hot Cloth Cleanser is more of a balm in a tube! It has no smell so fragrance free. It has an oily consistence when you rub it and a slight grittiness as well. It also exfoliates and is quite gentle as well. I removed with a muslin cloth and my skin felt so soft and smooth. It is so nourishing to your skin  and I had no breakouts with it. I am very impressed with this product and it is also 100% naturally derived ingredients as well! Excellent choice for vegans and those with sensitive skin.

This Facial Cleanser with Frankincense was purchased directly from the producer at Marylebone Farmers Market. I did mention this in my January favoutites. It still smells like shoe polish but the results are still excellent! I use a muslin cloth and I still really happy to use this for my skin routine as my skin loves it!



Beauty Books Part 2!


Hi everybody,

It’s being awhile since I posted my first part of the beauty books  that I have read, so here’s part 2 of the books I have finished. More book reviews to come!

The Power of Makeup by Trish McEvoy was purchased at the Liberty store in London where they sell her make up range. Unfortunately I didn’t buy any of her make up but I had to come away with the book as I do love read about other people’s views on make up. The book was first published in 2003 so some tips are slightly outdated but it’s always interesting to see how things have moved on in make up. It has easy to read chapters so you can dip in and out of the book. She talks about her passion for make up, how she started her business, make up tips and her general view on what make up can do for a woman. People criticize the book for not enough make up technique tips but that’s missing the point of this book. There are plenty of other books that do that so I think people are missing the point about this book. It’s a good easy read.

Face to Face by Scott Barnes is not a how-to-do make up book. It is more of an inspirational journey of being a make up artist. If you like the polished, contoured make up look in the American style then you will love this book! It isn’t for me but you have to admire his ability to transform people from one style to another. Lots of famous people in it including Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Ivana Milicevic and Paris Hilton.

Skin By Liz Earle is her latest book release. I did like her Skin Secrets which was a wonderful read and I learnt a lot from it.  Skin covers skin care, body care and food recipes. I did feel that this was a disappointing book and quite boring to read to be honest. Lots of obvious advice such as how to cleanse your face.  Do people need to be told how to do that? I wish there was more helpful advice but it seems so obvious and trite. The recipes are OK but nothing wow. The production quality of the book is super though, the photography and layout is excellent. I just wish there was more interesting and different content about our skin and how to look after it.



Cacharel Amor Amor EDT!


Hi Everybody,

Cacharel Amor Amor has always been a popular scent since it was released in 2o03. I go into the shops and always saw this perfume but never managed to try it. But one day my work colleague BB sprayed herself at work with it and I asked if I could smell it. I am always interested in what other women use and what they like in a perfume. She sprayed my wrist and all day I was intoxicated by it and I had to have it!

First thing you notice is the dome shaped bottle with no cap. It is a red coloured bottle and when you look through it, you will see a rose emblem in it. I like that little touch.

The scent when you first spray it, you are hit with zesty fruitness. Grapefruit, orange, lime and mandarin and a hint of blackcurrant for sweetness. The dry down is when floral takes over from the fruit. Rose, lily, jasmine and lily of the valley come to the fore. I can also feel the warmth coming through from the vanilla and musk. For a Eau de Toilette, the longevity is amazing, a small spray lasts me all day.

It is often on sale for a very reasonable price in the shops but don’t let that fool you into thinking that this is another cheap, floral, fruity scent. It isn’t. This beautiful perfume is a modern classic and it can be worn by any age as it is a warm, cosy loving scent..After it is called Amor, Amor so go out a buy a bottle!




Laura Mercier Essential Art Eye & Cheek Palette!



Hi Everybody,

This is my second sale purchased I made in the beginning of this year. It is an exclusive SpaceNK release made by Laura Mercier.

First thing to say is the packaging is very nicely done, a leopard print cover which oozes quality. The second thing to say is that the mirror, on a palette, is massive! I really love this size of mirror on a palette. The palette includes eight eye shadows, one baked blush and one highlighter.

The eight eye shadows are on the neutral size of the colour spectrum. Four of the shadows are of a matte finish and the other four are of a shimmery finish. With the combination of different shades you can a daytime look and an evening look. They are quite pigmented so they are a true colour. They are also easily blendable. The two darker shades did have slight fall out when I used them but the quality of the eye shadows is very good.

The Baked blush is very shimmery and has a slight glitter finish. On the cheeks it does leave quite a shimmery look so it is more of an evening blush in my view. The highlighter is a champagne shade, quite buttery in texture and gives you a subtle finish.

It is a very wearable palette and  I do like it a lot. This is my third Laura Mercier palette and I never been disappointed by any of them.



January Favourites!



Hi Everybody,

Well, January went by very quickly didn’t it? Christmas seems a long time ago..

Here are my favourites from January.


L’Oreal Infallible Eye Paint ‘Iconic Silver’ is a bold silver eyeshadow, almost a grey-black in fact.  It blends and sets so nicely onto the eyes,and it gives a bold, smoky look and lasts all day. I like this a lot and I fancy trying the purple and gold colours now..


Burt’s Bees Anti-blemish Solutions pore refining scrub is a nice, gentle creamy exfoliator. I haven’t find it irritating or drying afterwards. It has salicylic acid in it which helps prevent blemishes and breakouts. It also Jojoba beans and fruits acids which exfolitate the dead skin cells.The jojoba beans in the scrub are gentle and not so vigorous  compared to other scrubs. This is the first time I have used Burt’s Bees skincare range and I will like to try more of their products.

Facial Cleanser with Frankincense By Gilmore was bought at Marylebone Farmers Market directly from the maker. I have never managed to smell frankincense before but in this cleanser it smells like a shoe polish! It is a solid balm cleanser with sweet almond, beeswax, apricot, cocoa, sunflower, calendula and frankincense oils. It removes make-up so well and hasn’t caused any breakouts or clogged pores. My skin feels so smooth and cleansed. The apprearance looks different after using it. I also purchased a small lip balm as well and my lips feels so hydrated.  If you manage to go to Marylebone Market, go to the stand and buy some of it and support the smaller producers!

The first thing to mention about the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is the scent. Wow, it is a beautiful scent! It is an oil for dehydrated skin, I had a small 2ml sample but it took me awhile to use it all up! You only need a tiny drop of it. I love to use face oils in the evening rather than the daytime as they work better overnight in my view. It absorbed so easily and non-greasy feel on the skin as well. I would love to buy purchase the bigger size as my skin felt so hydrated and ready for the morning make-up.

I know on the website it says that the Judith Williams Life Long Beauty Nourishing Rose Oil is for 40-80 age range but I don’t care as my skin enjoyed it! It quickly sinks into the skin and it has a sweet rose scent. It moisturized the skin nicely and I have been very impressed.


Molton Brown Ylang Ylang bodywash is a posh shower gel! The smell is heaven, a soft, sweet, flowery scent. I received a Molton Brown set as a birthday gift from a work colleague. It’s a lovely set for your bathroom and body and I feel like a queen in the bathroom now! Thank you BB!

You can’t go wrong with The Body Shop, it’s affordable and everyone can enjoy it. I received a Body Shop Frosted Berry Collection from my little sister. It comes in a tin shaped like an apple! So cute. Inside it has a shower gel, lotion, scrub and body butter.  The smell is a beautiful berry scent and not sickly at all. I love their Christmas sets and I love them all!

I have been very impressed by Bare Feet Soothing Foot Soak by Margaret Dabbs for M&S. I have been using this product in my Scholl’s Foot Spa and really enjoying this. It relaxes my feet after spending most of the day on my feet.

Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Hand & Nail Treatment is a nice,lightweight and non greasy hand cream. It absorbs easily and makes my hands and nail dry-free. I always put this on before bedtime and my hands feels soft and hydrated.


There is so many books on Coco Chanel but I have really enjoyed this book. Part of the Life Portraits series by Frances Lincoln, this  60+ page picture biography has beautiful drawings which explains in short, easy to follow passages her life and career. If you want to avoid the heavy biographies, try this one. The perfect gift for any Chanel lover.

I wanted to do a cross stiching picture for myself rather than buying one. It reminded me of school times of sitting in a class and thinking of what to make and how to do it. I bought this set from C&H. It had everything in the set to make a picture. I decided on a pretty poppy design and I think it looks fab! It took me a while to complete but I did it eventually!