Cacharel Amor Amor EDT!


Hi Everybody,

Cacharel Amor Amor has always been a popular scent since it was released in 2o03. I go into the shops and always saw this perfume but never managed to try it. But one day my work colleague BB sprayed herself at work with it and I asked if I could smell it. I am always interested in what other women use and what they like in a perfume. She sprayed my wrist and all day I was intoxicated by it and I had to have it!

First thing you notice is the dome shaped bottle with no cap. It is a red coloured bottle and when you look through it, you will see a rose emblem in it. I like that little touch.

The scent when you first spray it, you are hit with zesty fruitness. Grapefruit, orange, lime and mandarin and a hint of blackcurrant for sweetness. The dry down is when floral takes over from the fruit. Rose, lily, jasmine and lily of the valley come to the fore. I can also feel the warmth coming through from the vanilla and musk. For a Eau de Toilette, the longevity is amazing, a small spray lasts me all day.

It is often on sale for a very reasonable price in the shops but don’t let that fool you into thinking that this is another cheap, floral, fruity scent. It isn’t. This beautiful perfume is a modern classic and it can be worn by any age as it is a warm, cosy loving scent..After it is called Amor, Amor so go out a buy a bottle!





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