Beauty Books Part 2!


Hi everybody,

It’s being awhile since I posted my first part of the beauty books  that I have read, so here’s part 2 of the books I have finished. More book reviews to come!

The Power of Makeup by Trish McEvoy was purchased at the Liberty store in London where they sell her make up range. Unfortunately I didn’t buy any of her make up but I had to come away with the book as I do love read about other people’s views on make up. The book was first published in 2003 so some tips are slightly outdated but it’s always interesting to see how things have moved on in make up. It has easy to read chapters so you can dip in and out of the book. She talks about her passion for make up, how she started her business, make up tips and her general view on what make up can do for a woman. People criticize the book for not enough make up technique tips but that’s missing the point of this book. There are plenty of other books that do that so I think people are missing the point about this book. It’s a good easy read.

Face to Face by Scott Barnes is not a how-to-do make up book. It is more of an inspirational journey of being a make up artist. If you like the polished, contoured make up look in the American style then you will love this book! It isn’t for me but you have to admire his ability to transform people from one style to another. Lots of famous people in it including Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Ivana Milicevic and Paris Hilton.

Skin By Liz Earle is her latest book release. I did like her Skin Secrets which was a wonderful read and I learnt a lot from it.  Skin covers skin care, body care and food recipes. I did feel that this was a disappointing book and quite boring to read to be honest. Lots of obvious advice such as how to cleanse your face.  Do people need to be told how to do that? I wish there was more helpful advice but it seems so obvious and trite. The recipes are OK but nothing wow. The production quality of the book is super though, the photography and layout is excellent. I just wish there was more interesting and different content about our skin and how to look after it.




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