Oil & Balm Cleansers!


Hi Everybody,

This is my second post on cleansers and my views on the ones I have been using. This time I will be looking at oil based cleansers.

This is the most important routine of the day when you are preparing your skin to rid of all the dirt, impurities and make up through the day so you have a fresh, clean start for the next morning. Of course you have a second cleanse for your specific skin type.

Here we have four different cleansers from four different types of manufacturer: A multi national conglomerate, a small company, a supermarket chain and a homemade producer!

L’Oreal Skin Perfecting Miracle Cleansing Oil has an advantage straight away from the rest. The easy to use pump is an advantage! This helps to dissolve the make-up with your first step of your cleansing routine. I didn’t get any breakouts or dryness afterwards. One minor issue I has with it was the scent, which is quite overpowering. It felt you were using perfume on your face and rubbing it in! In my view, a cleansing like this does need an strong, artificial scent.

Super Facialist by Una Brennen Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil has no pump action, so you need to pour it onto your hands. Downside! This should have a pump action and all oil based cleansers should have pump action mechanisms to avoid mess free spillages! It  dissolves make up really well and I didn’t feel dryness or breakouts. But the scent is awful in my view. An artificial smell of oranges! It did put me off to continue to use it all.

Waitrose Pure Hydration Hot Cloth Cleanser is more of a balm in a tube! It has no smell so fragrance free. It has an oily consistence when you rub it and a slight grittiness as well. It also exfoliates and is quite gentle as well. I removed with a muslin cloth and my skin felt so soft and smooth. It is so nourishing to your skin  and I had no breakouts with it. I am very impressed with this product and it is also 100% naturally derived ingredients as well! Excellent choice for vegans and those with sensitive skin.

This Facial Cleanser with Frankincense was purchased directly from the producer at Marylebone Farmers Market. I did mention this in my January favoutites. It still smells like shoe polish but the results are still excellent! I use a muslin cloth and I still really happy to use this for my skin routine as my skin loves it!




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