Moschino Cheap and Chic ‘ChicPetals’ EDT!

Hi Everybody,

I am passionate about fragrance. I never took my notice of Moschino perfumes until the day I walked past a display of them and tested them and liked the fresh, fruity floral scent. Perfect for the spring season I thought.

Moschino ChicPetals was brought out in 2013, the bottle is inspired by the Popeye’s fickle girlfriend, Olive Oyl. It is a long, elongated bottle half see through and half a floral top. The heart shaped collar is finished by the cap that is Olive’s head! Its cute and fun!

The scent is a fruity opening with wild strawberry at the beginning. The floral is the middle part of the perfume, orchid, lily and gardenia. The dry down I do feel musk and woodiness which gives a nice warmth to the perfume. It all comes together to make a nice composition of the three factors.For a EDT, it does last well but it is not heady if you want to top-up during the day.

I like this perfume, it’s nice to have in the collection and the bottle design is different and quirky.



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