Francois Nars Books!

Hi Everybody,

Francois Nars is one of the great names in the fashion and make up world. A photographer, makeup artist, creator of his own brand and writer.

I have two of his make up books but I have never tried any of his makeup range! I don’t know where to start!!

Makeup Your Mind is a portfolio type book full of different ideas of make up looks for skin types and skin colour.  You have a clean face free of make on one page and the opposite page has a make up look. In between there is a clear perspex page with guidance instructions of where to put the make up on and which product he used to create the look. There is a mixture of everyday looks and editorial looks if you feel creative. A classic book on makeup and will be read for many years to come.

I like this book,  It’s easy to understand and too recreate a look or  even good practice if you want to be a makeup artist. I like the fact that different skin types and colours are cantered for in this book, so all women can try different looks.

Francois Nars is a coffee table book, a sort of visual biography to his work.  It’s a thank you to all these people who have inspired him. The photographers, models, fashion designers and all those who have helped him to be one of the great names in the fashion world. The photography is fantastic. There isn’t a lot of reading in it and the only criticism is the fact that the text is white on black and I did find it quite difficult to read it. Saying that, it is a lovely book for those who love beautiful photography, make up and to be inspired by make up!



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