Pure Aesthetic Clinic ‘Diamond Peel Dermabrasion’ Treatment.

Hi Everybody,

I was recently invited to try a skincare treatment by Pure Aesthetic Clinic of Eastbourne. The clinic provides skin, laser and cosmetic treatments in East Sussex. I was lucky enough to meet Dr J H Poul, who is the skincare expert at the clinic and has experience in  Derma fillers, Botox and other specialist treatments the clinic provides.

My treatment was provided by Beatrice Andem, who is an aesthetic practitioner at the clinic and also a great friend! I have never had any treatment like this before so this was unknown territory for me and a little bit nerve-wrecking! There is so many new treatments to the skincare that it is a minefield of what treatments are suitable for you.

Reception /waiting room.


We decided go for the Diamond Peel Dermabrasion which is a non-surgical procedure that removes dead skin cells on the upper part surface of the skin. This is done by using a stainless steel head which contains miniature diamond grains which creates a light abrasion onto the skin. The head moves across the skin and a mild vacuum disposes of the old skin cells. This helps to stimulate skin renewal and collagen.

My no makeup skin before treatment. My skin looks awful!

I was advised not to wear make up and I was given a consulation before treatment to explain everything that would happen. One advantage of going to a clinic like this is that everything is explained in detail so you know exactly what you need to know about the treatment you will be receiving.

Beatrice cleansed my skin and used a peel before using the dermabrasion. Beatrice used Juliette Armand Effectox  skincare range on me before the dermabrasion procedure.

Beatrice using diamond peel dermabrasion on me!

The treatment lasted under an hour but it can be adapted to a person’s individual needs. The dermabrasion included forehead, cheek areas, nose, eye area, jawline,neck and decolletage. I thought it would hurt and I would feel some sensation. But it felt like somebody was hoovering my skin with a light vacuum cleaner! The only thing I did feel was a tingling sensation when the peel was put onto my face but that is completely normal.

After finishing the dermabrasion, a calming mask was applied as redness appeared on my skin. But after a procedure like this that is perfectly normal.

After dermabrasion, as you can see there is slight redness on the upper part of my face. Of course all skin can react differently to the treatment. So nothing to be scared about!

Calming mask applied to face after treatment.

After this treatment you do need to hydrate and protect the skin. Beatrice used a caviar cream and a hyaluronic serum to the face and SPF50. This is important to do to protect the skin as not to waste the treatment and its benefits!

My skin after treatment completed. As you can see my skin is less red, glows and radiates!

I did ask a few questions after treatment.

Q- How often do you recommend this treatment?

A – Every 2/3 weeks and 6-10 courses can be taken.

Q- What aftercare advice do you recommend after treatment?

A- SPF30 or 50. Good quality serum and to moisturise.

Q- What age group can have this treatment?

A- Over 18 but it depends on the skin of the person or the needs of that person

This was an amazing experience and I did feel the benefits of the treatment. My skin did feel dry for a few days but moisturizing is a must.  This kind of treatment is a perfect introduction to non-surgical skin care and the benefits are considerable as you can add this kind of treatment to your improve your skin appearance and condition.

The price is £60.00 for this treatment.

For my information, go to the website (details at the bottom) or contact: info@pureeastbourne.co.uk or 01323 487231 for further details.





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