Mary Greenwell ‘Plum’ EDP.

Hi Everybody,

We all know that Mary Greenwell is one of the great make up artists and of course she loves perfume!

Plum was created in 2010 with Francois Robert and was her first scent on the market. I have reviewed my first Mary Greenwell perfume, Cherry which my husband bought as a wedding anniversary present. My mum share a love for Mary’s perfumes. We both have the same fragrances: Cherry and Plum. Mum also has Lemon in her collection.

The perfume share the same bottle design. Clean, elegant and classic. The metal top is so heavy, I think it could work as a paperweight or door stop! I love it. The packaging is of nice quality. No flimsy boxes here. Other markers should take note..

The opening notes is citrus, bergamot and lemon are there. A sweet touch of peach and a hint of blackcurrant and plum in the background. Don’t think it is just another citrus /fruity perfume. The middle notes is white floral with  jasmine, gardenia and tuberose in abundance. This lovely scent is heightened by the warmness of amber and sandalwood. The hint of patchouli, musk and moss give depth to the perfume.

It is a beautiful perfume in my view. It is an individual perfume. It is not an old fashioned scent, it is an classic exotic, sexy perfume for all women.




Gatineau Skincare!

Hi Everybody,

The French really do know how to make skincare. Is there a country that has so many skincare brands producing such high-quality  skincare products? We are now blessed that availability is easier in the UK than ever before. It used be specialist shops/salons but now Boots and online sellers have wide ranges of French skincare to try.

I have never tried Gatineau products before but I took advantage of an offer on the UK website. Instead of buying one or two products,  I decided to buy one of the gift sets as they have a wider range of products.

The first product is the Eye Make Up Remover.  It is a lightweight, non-oily eye make up remover. It feels like a micellar water but with an acetone smell, similar to a nail polish remover! It is quite strong. My eyes did become quite watery but it removed mascara and make up very well. I don’t think I will purchase it again because of the smell!

The Melatogenine Refreshing Cleansing Cream is a creamy consistency cleansing cream to remove impurities and make up. After use the skin felt so squeaky clean and refreshed. The skin did feel a bit tight but that’s because of the anti-aging ingredients.

The Peeling Expert Radiance Enhancing Gommage is my favourite. You do have to read the instructions carefully to benefit from it. You massage onto dry skin for 1-2 minutes and it feels like you are applying honey into your face!  It feels sticky and difficult to massage into the skin. It will eventually turn into a liquid as you massage it into the skin.  You then remove it with the Gatineau cloth. It’s worth the effort as my skin felt radiant, glowing and fresh. The vitamin C, AHA and the pearlescent orange gel with enzymes are the reason why it works.

The Melatogenine Futur Plus Anti-Wrinkle Radiant Mask is another creamy consistency mask. It gives a fresh and radiant feel to the skin while helping to fight these pesky wrinkles! Ten minutes is all your skin needs with this mask then rinse with warm water. My skin looked nice and radiant, really impressed with this mask.

The Melatogenine AOX Probiotics Plus Advanced Rejuvenating Cream is a rich face cream that boosts skin’s elasticity and restores an even and glowing complexion. Anyone from age 30 upwards should use this cream. You need to warm it between your fingers and massage it into your face. I found it a bit rich for my skin, probably perfect for the winter time.

Overall, they are really great quality products and although expensive the quality of the ingredients and the technology behind them is worth the extra you pay. I don’t believe you should skimp on quality skincare and Gatineau are among the best.

I now look forward to trying the other great French makers of skincare…





On My Nails – ‘ Fishscale Nail Art’.



Hi Everybody,

I thought I would experiment with a nautical theme nail design. I bought some thin netting from a fabric shop as I had an idea to use it for a design.

I painted base coat first with Sally Hansen’s Double Duty Base & Top Coat. I then used Barry M white nail polish and let it dry. I then cut a small piece of netting for the design. When  the white polish was completely dried I placed netting over each nail and then with a dry sponge I dabbed Soigne ‘Kiwi’, (which is a light blue) on to the nails. On top I used Nails Inc’Old Burlington Street’ which is a much deeper, darker blue to create a fishscale effect.

Lightly dabbing until I was happy that the colours created an ‘ombre effect’ but keeping the pattern of the netting intact. It is important not to have too much polish on the sponge. You then let your creative mind take over! Letting it dry, I then applied top coat to finish it.

This was the first time I had used this technique and I am pretty happy with the result. The great thing is that you can use any colour scheme to create the look you want.

Hope you like this and inspires you to create your own look!






Lavender Fields & Chartwell!

Hi everybody,

I was very fortunate to experience two wonderful places in Kent this week.

I come from a family where we grow flowers for the flower markets in Latvia, so I love flowers so much. I have always wanted to visit the lavender farms in the South of France and I was surprised to learn that in Kent there is the biggest lavender farm in the UK! I was reading the Waitrose magazine and there was an article describing Castle Farm and the lavender fields. I had to go!

Castle Farm is a working family-owned farm of 600 acres deep in the Kentish countryside near Sevenoaks. Of the 600 acres, 90 acres are set aside for lavender. They also rent a further 40 acres from other local farms nearby.

Lavender growing is a heavy, labour intensive farming operation where instant rewards are not given! It will be a number of years for the lavender to mature and cultivate to deliver the flowers. Thankfully, they do cultivate other crops at the farm.

The tour was made up of ‘lavender lovers’ for all ages attracted by the scent and colour of this plant. Lavender has many benefits to humans, be it medicinal, aromatherapy, decorative and food.

The tour was an eye-opening experience of how intensive it is. 5000 plants are planted for every acre! Machines cannot always plant them so manual human planting is required.

The shop was wonderful. I did go a little mad in the shop!  I bought honey, chutney, jam, hand cream, tea, culinary flowers (to add in cakes, biscuits) and of course some lavender!

If you have a chance to visit Castle Farm, please visit To visit the lavender in full bloom you need to book a tour as they have dates available.




We then went to the home of one the greatest Englishman that has ever lived. Chartwell near Westerham was the home of Winston Spencer Churchill from 1922 to 1965.

It is a beautiful home and garden overlooking the Weald of Kent with stunning views. Churchill said he bought the property because of the view.

It is a homely, peaceful house and it was a wonderful to experience British history and see more of this beautiful country.

‘A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted’ he said and you can see why..




June Favourites!

Hi Everybody,

Hope you are enjoying the lovely summer weather and also looking after your skin so you don’t look like a lobster!

June favourites and half way through the year..


NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel is a new product for me. I finished the Benefit version of eyebrow gel and really enjoyed it using it as I thought it made a real difference to my eyebrows. I decided the NYX version was worth a try as it is cheaper than Benefit’s. The wand is nice to use, picks up the perfect amount of product and holds the eyebrow throughout the day. It doesn’t leave a white residue and wet streaks on them either.  Its also affordable compared to Benefit.

Body Shop Brilliance Powder in ‘Shimmer Bronze’ can be used for either the face or the body for a shimmer glow. I love using this for the summer as it gives a nice shimmer to the skin. It’s my summer thing! I also use it on my legs. Love it!


I love the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm when I was on holiday. The hard balm, which turns into an oily consistency when used, was perfect for removing the make-up at the end of the day. I had the small travel size and it lasted the whole 2 weeks I was away. I still have quite a bit left as you only need a very tiny amount. My skin was so soft, smooth and cleansed after using it. I also love the herb scent as well!

ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser is a three-in-one product. A cleanser, exfoliator and mask.  I use it as a cleanser and exfoliator as the Jojoba spheres melt into the skin when you rub it gently into the skin. It brightens the skin and soothes it as well.  I did test it on my mum and it instantly you could see the difference with her skin too.

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum is a lightweight serum. It is so nice on the skin as it absorbs easily into the skin and no stickiness either. I have used it under all moisturizers and it was perfect. The skin felt hydrated and radiant and no breakouts either.

I have never used Oil serum before so I was keen to try ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Serum. This serum nourishes and strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier and helps to even the skin tone. It’s also good to use if you have early signs of aging. I use a very tiny amount in the evenings and it absorbs easily into the skin. My skin feels hydrated and nourished after using it and no breakouts. It is a lovely product and great value.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet is a lightweight moisturizer for the face. It gives really good hydration and is good as a base for makeup. It kept my skin moisturized and calmed the skin, especially during the hot period we have had.

Madara Time Miracle Total Renewal Night Cream is a birch based cream with 0% added water. I immediately felt my skin, after just one night,  was  more hydrated, more radiant and smoother than before. No breakouts and the scent is so clean and fresh. This could be the best night cream I have ever used. I can’t believe I have never tried this little miracle from Latvia!


My heels have been dry because of wearing sandals in the summer heat and I have been impressed by Sanctuary Spa Heel Balm. This balm has hydrated my heels and I apply only in the evenings as I feel the benefits are better then. Look after your heels in the summer!

Ladival Sun Protection SPF30 is a very good sun protector as it protects from UV A , UV B and infrared -A rays. We have been glad to be using this at the moment during the warm period and the hot sun.  Another advantage is that it comes in a spray-able form so easy to use!

Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Cream is yet another excellent product from Elemis. This soft cream hydrates and nourishes the body. No stickiness or greasiness when applied. The body feels so smooth and nourished afterwards and it’s particular nice after showering.  Love it!

I apply Carita Haute Beaute Corps Sérum Expert Réducteur Contours  on my thighs and I have found it hydrates and has a cooling effect on my legs after applied. It has a nice sticky, oily texture which absorbs easily into the skin. It is also good for targeting the dreaded cellulite. It feels nice on the skin but to see real results and benefits, you will need to use it for the long-term.

I do love leave-in conditioners for the hair and I saw the Palmers Manuka Flower Honey Leave-in Conditioner in Superdrug and bought it without hesitating. Its good for detangling the hair, fighting frizz, moisturizing and repairing the hair if damaged. It perfect for all natural hair textures and is colour safe. Smells divine too and I really love it. Must try the shampoo range..




Sanctuary Spa ‘Shower Bursts’!


Hi Everybody,

Browsing in Boots one day, my little eyes spotted something new. Sanctuary Spa Shower Bursts range. I like to try new things and these seemed good to try.

I bought both shower bursts, the purifying charcoal and the 3 day long lasting moisture version. Both versions have a really pleasant smell, a real refreshing scent. I think the charcoal version could even be classed as unisex as the scent is not too feminine in my view. The charcoal starts black but as you rub it into your body it turns into a white foam, like shaving cream! I have found it to be really nice to use. My skin doesn’t feel dry or tight afterwards and feels very soft. The 3 day long lasting version only differs from the scent which is very feminine and floral. I also found you only need to use a tiny amount of product from both as it will be more than enough to cleanse the whole body. Its a nice addition to their range of products and to update the range for a wider audience is a good idea.

I did enjoy using them. They are good value for money and do a nice job in cleansing the body. I must try their new wet skin moisture miracle..





Chanel No5 L’Eau EDT!

Hi Everybody,

This new fragrance in the legendary No 5 line was launched in the fall of Autumn 2016 and created by Olivier Polge, son of the former Chanel house perfumer, Jacques Polge. It follows N0 5, and No 5 Eau Premiere.

I remember going to a Perfume Society ‘How to Improve Your Sense of Smell’ event in Brighton and a large bottle of the perfume was passed around the table and I knew I had to have it! The original No 5 is quite strong and heady and even though it is arguably the most influential perfume ever made, it is not on my dressing table. The appeal of L’Eau is that it is a softer, No5 for these who find No 5 too strong.

The first spray of L’Eau is a burst of citrus fruits,  lemon, mandarin, and orange. Neroli and aldehydes are also prominent with the first spray. It relaxes into a jasmine, white flower and rose scent but the warmth of musk, cedar and vanilla combines with them as well.

No 5 L’Eau is a perfect summer scent, perfect for day or night. It isn’t edgy or old fashioned, it is a modern, softer take on a classic perfume that won’t become outdated in the years to come. Chanel have being clever in being respectful to the original (the bottle design is the same) without losing the essence of No 5. I love it!