Sanctuary Spa ‘Shower Bursts’!


Hi Everybody,

Browsing in Boots one day, my little eyes spotted something new. Sanctuary Spa Shower Bursts range. I like to try new things and these seemed good to try.

I bought both shower bursts, the purifying charcoal and the 3 day long lasting moisture version. Both versions have a really pleasant smell, a real refreshing scent. I think the charcoal version could even be classed as unisex as the scent is not too feminine in my view. The charcoal starts black but as you rub it into your body it turns into a white foam, like shaving cream! I have found it to be really nice to use. My skin doesn’t feel dry or tight afterwards and feels very soft. The 3 day long lasting version only differs from the scent which is very feminine and floral. I also found you only need to use a tiny amount of product from both as it will be more than enough to cleanse the whole body. Its a nice addition to their range of products and to update the range for a wider audience is a good idea.

I did enjoy using them. They are good value for money and do a nice job in cleansing the body. I must try their new wet skin moisture miracle..






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