Gatineau Skincare!

Hi Everybody,

The French really do know how to make skincare. Is there a country that has so many skincare brands producing such high-quality  skincare products? We are now blessed that availability is easier in the UK than ever before. It used be specialist shops/salons but now Boots and online sellers have wide ranges of French skincare to try.

I have never tried Gatineau products before but I took advantage of an offer on the UK website. Instead of buying one or two products,  I decided to buy one of the gift sets as they have a wider range of products.

The first product is the Eye Make Up Remover.  It is a lightweight, non-oily eye make up remover. It feels like a micellar water but with an acetone smell, similar to a nail polish remover! It is quite strong. My eyes did become quite watery but it removed mascara and make up very well. I don’t think I will purchase it again because of the smell!

The Melatogenine Refreshing Cleansing Cream is a creamy consistency cleansing cream to remove impurities and make up. After use the skin felt so squeaky clean and refreshed. The skin did feel a bit tight but that’s because of the anti-aging ingredients.

The Peeling Expert Radiance Enhancing Gommage is my favourite. You do have to read the instructions carefully to benefit from it. You massage onto dry skin for 1-2 minutes and it feels like you are applying honey into your face!  It feels sticky and difficult to massage into the skin. It will eventually turn into a liquid as you massage it into the skin.  You then remove it with the Gatineau cloth. It’s worth the effort as my skin felt radiant, glowing and fresh. The vitamin C, AHA and the pearlescent orange gel with enzymes are the reason why it works.

The Melatogenine Futur Plus Anti-Wrinkle Radiant Mask is another creamy consistency mask. It gives a fresh and radiant feel to the skin while helping to fight these pesky wrinkles! Ten minutes is all your skin needs with this mask then rinse with warm water. My skin looked nice and radiant, really impressed with this mask.

The Melatogenine AOX Probiotics Plus Advanced Rejuvenating Cream is a rich face cream that boosts skin’s elasticity and restores an even and glowing complexion. Anyone from age 30 upwards should use this cream. You need to warm it between your fingers and massage it into your face. I found it a bit rich for my skin, probably perfect for the winter time.

Overall, they are really great quality products and although expensive the quality of the ingredients and the technology behind them is worth the extra you pay. I don’t believe you should skimp on quality skincare and Gatineau are among the best.

I now look forward to trying the other great French makers of skincare…






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