On My Nails – Soigne ‘Peche’.


Hello Everybody,

Summer is still here so we must advantage of it before it leaves us! So you still need bright vibrant colours.

I looked through my collection for a bright, vibrant colour and I choose Soigne ‘Peche’. Soigné are a french company and the word Soigne translates ‘to take care of’ in English. This is a beautiful, vibrant pastel orange colour.  I have been impressed by the Soigne collection. The formulas are excellent and the brushes are good. The packaging is classy  and elegant too, typical French!

I used Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat before I applied 2 coats of this peach nail vanish. It did last 5 days without chipping and only on the seventh day I did need to re-fresh the nails by repainting them. Soigne nails colours are vegan friendly, free of animal testing, no harmful carcinogens and up to 85% of plant-sourced, natural ingredients.








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