Mini Beauty Haul!

Hi Everybody,

I have a bag of beauty products that I picked up recently.

When I was in Latvia, I did purchase some products from Latvia’s best-known skincare company, Madara. Madara is an organic skincare company with a fantastic reputation for their high-quality products. I purchased their Multi Action Micellar Water with Hyaluronic Acid. This is great for all skin types, it dissolves make up and also cleanses and tones the skin. I also picked up their Exfoliating Oil-to-Milk Scrub. This is an exfolitator which I had to try to see how it compares to other exfolitators on the market. The ability to turn from an oil to a milk is interesting! I love toners so I had to pick up their Clarifying Toner as well.  I could have bought more as their range is fantastic.

Natura Siberica is a Russian skincare and bodycare company. Their range is organic and made in the EU. I bought their Aralia Mandshurica Day Cream, which is a SPF20 cream for nutrition and hydration. Looks good and looking forward to trying it. I also picked up their Sea Buckthorn and Honey body scrub. This has an unusual and lovely scent and the colour is amazing! A bright orange  scrub. I also like the packaging.

I have purchased some Beauty Pie products and I have been impressed by the quality. I did repurchase my Superbrow Precision Pencil in ‘perfect brown’. I really do like it and at the same time, I picked a new mascara called Uber Curl Drama Mascara. I did buy one of their new products, the Pro-Glow Sculpting Face Palette. They have also brought out a skincare range and I also needed a serum and eye cream. I bought the Jeju Daily Antioxidant Superinfusion and the Plantastic Youth Guard Eye Cream, so I will see what the skincare range can do, I’m hoping it will be as good as their make up.

When in London, I managed to visit Covent Garden Ordinary pop-up store and wanted to try a few things. Unfortunately a few things I wanted to try were out of stock but I did buy the Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 serum. 

I do love Neals Yard and I have a big list of products I want to try! I needed a toner and the Purifying Palmarosa Toner and this was one from my list. I finished my Body Shop so I bought this one to try and make the list shorter!

Boots is always good for daily stuff and I bought my Sanex deodorant as always. I re-purchased my Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle. As it was on offer, I purchased Klorane’s Mango Shampoo and conditioner as they are quite expensive.

L’Oreal Fine Flowers Cleansing Cream is a cleanser which is so affordable and so good!  The scent is lovely and I am using it already!

I have started using some products already so over time I will review them with my thoughts.







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