Pixi Liplift Max Trio!


From left: Honey Sheen, Sheer Rose and Sparkling Quartz.


Hi Everybody,

I saw this cute little Christmas set in Marks & Spencers recently and I had to try it. I’ve tried make up before but never tried lip products from them.

This set is for women who want a plumper look to the lips but don’t want a dramatic look. It is a glossy lip plumper which you can wear on its own or over your lipstick. There is three colours in the set, all of which are subtle, soft shades. ‘Sparkling Quartz’ which is a sheer, iridescent, clear, sparkling shade. ‘Honey Sheen’ is a golden nude shade. ‘Sheer Rose’ is a dusty shade of brown. There is a peppermint tingling effect when you apply them on the lips. It gives a cool freshness to the lips but it does disappear over the day. They do look nice on the lips when applied over the lipstick. It does give a plumpness to the lips. On its own and you want a minimal make up look, the lips don’t feel naked and they do look fuller. Also my lips didn’t feel irritated or dry afterwards which is also a bonus.

For £12.50 the set is good value and 3 nice,easy to wear shades that should be good for all women.





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