On My Nails – Nails Inc ‘Mayfair Market’.

Hi Everybody,

Christmas is coming, are we all ready for the festive time? Presents bought?

I have recently been wearing a new Nails Inc nail polish, Superfood Boost with Sweet Almond oil & Matcha. The new range consists of four shades: Cornwall Gardens, Gloucester Crescent,King William Walk and the one I am reviewing, Mayfair Market.  The shade is formulated with a sweet almond oil base and enriched with Matcha powder which gives a powerful antioxidant. This moisture booster is good for nail health and protection. This came in the beauty box I purchased and ‘Mayfair Market’ is a rich, gorgeous copper colour.

When Nails Inc updated the ranges they also improved the brushes. The brush is excellent: a doddle to apply the nail colour with the brush. The colour is so pigmented, you only need to apply one layer of polish. I, of course, applied my usually two coats to give it an even more stronger, dramatic look.

It did last a good week with no noticeable chipping or fading of the colour. It’s hard to say if the antioxidant ingredients worked so I really need to wear it often, possibly for a month, to see if does improve my nails.

Nails Inc always come up with something different and this new range with the added nail protection looks like a winner to me.