Beauty Books Part 3!

Hi Everybody,

I always love reading books, especially beauty related books! I haven’t posted any book reviews since April so I needed to post my thoughts on them! Here are two books I have read recently.

I was really excited when I saw Bobbi Brown’s new book, ‘Beauty From The Inside Out’ was coming out. I love her books, her knowledge and passion is infectious. Her new book reveals the secrets to radiant beauty . It doesn’t just cover makeup or skin but also food, exercise, confidence and your wellbeing. It’s more of a lifestyle guide with her thoughts on life but it also asks various experts on different subjects their views.  Its about being beautiful and happy on the inside as well as the outside. It’s a well written, easy to understand read and I keep coming back to this for ideas and inspiration.

Dr Trevor Cates Clean Skin from Within presents guidelines and recipes to transform your skin from the inside out. First of all, she is a spa doctor that she writes about the difference between being a Spa Doctor and a Dermatologist!She explains the why of what’s happening to our skin and how we can change it by eating a balance diet. What you put into your gut can affect your skin.  The book has two major chapters. The first part is about the approach to the skin and the second part is the two week plan. You do have to be willing and have a lot of determination and strength of character to do the program. This is a very interesting book with a different approach to your skin’s wellbeing. If you are concerned about your skin and are willing to do the program, I think this book is a great resource to learn from by a leading expert in the field.



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