Mascaras of 2017!

Hi Everybody,

This is my third post on Mascaras which shows the importance of them to me! Every year there is always something new in Mascaras. A new brand, a new ‘improved’ version.

One thing I have learned about mascaras is that I never go by first impressions. I always give them a good trial to see if they work. One thing I dislike about certain blogs is that they try them once and say ‘it’s no good’, ‘it doesn’t do what they say’. You can’t do that. Mascaras need to be used for a good week before you can come up with a opinion.

These are the six I tried in 2017.

Maybelline ‘The Falsies Push up Drama Mascara’ has a rubbery brush with small bristles. It gave good depth and volume and opened the eyes OK. It was clumpy on the lashes so I did have to work quickly with it.

Max Factor ‘False Lash Epic’ Mascara has a very disappointing brush which I didn’t like at all. Plasticky and a prickly ball at the end. If you are not careful you could prick your eye out! It separated and elongated the lashes OK but I did find that at the end of the day, I had dark eyes underneath.

Revlon ‘Volume+Length Magnified’ Mascara has a bristle brush which was very good. The formula is thicker than the Maybelline or Max Factor mascaras.  I did have a little smudge under the eyes but I really liked the volume and length from this mascara. This was my first Revlon mascara from the new range and I have to say I was quite impressed and I will have to look at the other mascaras from their range.

Beauty Pie ‘Uber Volume Boost’ Mascara has a small curved bristle brush. It gave good volume and length to the lashes. It grabbed the lashes well and only gave a slight smudge to the eyes at the end of the day. A good everyday budget option.

Beauty Pie ‘Uber Curl Drama’ Mascara has a small curved bristle brush. I found this to be a perfect size to use on the eyes. Not to big as some can be. It really settled the curl and lasted very well throughout the day. At the members prices I don’t think you can go wrong with either of the Beauty Pie mascaras.

Smashbox ‘Full Exposure’ Mascara has a large, almost too large, bristle brush. I wasn’t sure about this mascara. I used it for longer than normal and found you had to work carefully as you can easily smudge the upper lid! With technique it really gave depth and volume to the lashes. I have never tried Smashbox mascaras and this was a great one to start with.

New year and new mascaras started already!



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